The Swirl: December 11, 2017

From Christmas morning white elephant exchanges to decking the halls with tinsel and trees, we like to think we take the holidays pretty seriously around here. And while we love the fun and festivities, giving is better than receiving This year we’ve decided to partner with Safe Alliance, a local non-profit dedicated to providing hope and healing for people in crisis, to collect gifts based on their most needed items. In this edition: the art of adulting, a sweet holiday spot and a new voice for military recruitment.


The Silence Breakers - who Time voted Person of the Year for 2017. A stark contrast from last year’s pick, then president-elect Donald Trump, Time chose to honor the voices that launched a seismic cultural movement by sharing their painfully personal stories. Talk about the power of the press and giving recognition where recognition is due.

For the masters of "adulting"...

SwirlNotes: Swiffer is here to teach the rest of us how it works, one baby, uh we mean, adult step at a time. Cleaning up doesn’t have to be hard, and it can even be fun. Imagine that.


Fun fact: when you live on your own, Mom isn’t around to cook and clean for you anymore. Sad, but true. But with Swiffer, you can spend less time cleaning so you can do the things you actually want to do for longer. Win-win. While #adulting has received its fair share of criticism, we think the concept definitely has some validity. Growing up comes with its own set of challenges, and figuring them out with the help of a brand like Swiffer doesn’t hurt. We also appreciate how the brand was able to bring relatable moments (like chips for dinner) to life in a unique way, and show consumers that while adulting may be hard, Swiffer makes it easy.

For the music lovers...

SwirlNotes: Apple’s holiday film is back for 2017, and as expected, it’s a touching spot as always. The ad shows off both the iPhone X and the AirPods, but communicates a message that is much more about the power of music, and how it can bring people together.


Apple always has good holiday spots, but this one really killed it. For one, the switch between reality and imagination reminds us how music can truly inspire creativity and connections. Secondly, Apple chose to star a couple that’s married in real life. Even though they act as strangers in the video, their energy lures you in and makes for a pretty powerful dance. Great choice by the brand. The spot ends with the line "move someone this holiday." Feeling inspired yet?

For the aspiring sailors...

SwirlNotes: The U.S. Navy is calling you home with the launch of a new brand identity, logo and tagline. The purpose: to overcome the issue of 100% awareness, but nearly 0% understanding of their mission, reach or influence. *cue Brandy*


With the stronger economy, the Navy and other military services have struggled to meet recruiting goals because fewer young people are seeking out a life of service. In an attempt to change that, the Navy’s new marketing efforts are targeted at “Centennials” - potential recruits between the ages of 17 and 21 - who tend to think and act a little differently than the Millennials before them. After extensive focus group testing, the Navy decided to leave behind their previous tagline, “A Global Force for Good,” which wasn’t resonating with prospects. In its place, the Navy created “Forged by the Sea,” an idea born from the transformative impact that the Navy and the sea has on the sailors. For a deeper dive look at life behind the scenes of a sailor, check out a second longer form video, Sea to Stars. Prepare to feel inspired.


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