The Swirl: December 4, 2017

It’s officially December and we all know what that means - 25 Days of Christmas has started. If you’re wondering what to do tonight, you’re in luck. Freeform is kicking off this holiday season with two of our favorite movies. Tune in at 6:40pm to catch Elf and Christmas Vacation back to back. Cheers to many cozy nights by your Christmas tree. In this edition: a shout out to #GivingTuesday, a new look for yogurt, and the ending we've all been waiting for.


Dilly Dilly - a toast of agreement or praise, similar to one how one would use "hear, hear!" Also a catchphrase that has become increasingly popular with the help of Bud Light’s most recent ads. If you’ve been hearing it a lot recently, this is probably why. You can catch the spot here.

For anyone who was ever jealous of April Kepner in Grey's Anatomy...

SwirlNotes: Avery Jackson (aka Jesse Williams) has swapped her for Nicki Minaj in H&M’s newest holiday spot, a three-minute film that is star-studded, stylish and simply adorable. If you ever wanted to find out what happened to the girl who tracks down an evil Santa, then look no further. Story time, commence.


We’re suckers for a story that starts with "Once upon a time," especially if Jesse Williams is the one telling the story. All ears. We’re also starting to sense a theme this holiday season, first with World Market and here again with H&M, where the product is taking a subtle backseat to the larger, more emotional story. In lieu of featuring fashion models walking down the runway, we appreciate the brand’s dedication to the reason for the season by instead using the clothes as bright undertones to a more powerful story grounded in strength, bravery and doing the right thing. Definitely a touching sentiment and beautiful tie to Giving Tuesday last week. Well played, H&M. Well played.

For the yogurt connoisseurs...

SwirlNotes: Chobani is starting to ring in the New Year with a new brand. Last week, they introduced a new logo, a packaging refresh, and a new yogurt line with less sugar. Good timing as people start to think about those 2018 resolutions. #CleanEating.


If you go back a few years, you’ll remember that greek yogurt was all the talk. But looks like sales aren’t as significant as they used to be, falling 5% this year. Steep, given a 15% increase in 2015. Yikes. Why? Chobani thinks it’s due to overcrowded shelves and new styles of yogurt, like Siggi’s and Noosa, that are resonating with millennial shoppers. We don’t disagree. Competition is fierce, and Chobani’s new look reflects an attempt to be more bold and artistic - perhaps something that will stand out on shelves and spark interest in yogurt again. This refresh comes along with a 35% increase in marketing spend from Chobani and brand hopes to expand into other food groups. We’ve always loved the creativity from this brand. Stay tuned to see how it evolves.

For the people who love a good sequel...

SwirlNotes: M&Ms really kept us on our toes for 21 years. If you recall, their classic holiday TV spot from 1996 features Santa Claus fainting dead after encountering two M&M spokescandies. But no need to worry - their 2017 spot reassures us that Christmas can still survive without Santa.


Let’s be honest - most of us probably didn’t even think about what happened in this ad after Santa fainted. But this charming spot taps right back into the nostalgia and humor of the original holiday campaign. You can’t help but smile when you realize that Yellow M&M's mistake actually made the holiday better. What we love most is that they worked to keep the look and feel consistent with the first commercial by using things like old radar consoles and TVs, while also communicating a message of "coming together" that’s particularly relevant today. This is what we call an oldie, but a goodie. Heart = warmed.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s post-engagement interview is nearly the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Swoon.