The Swirl: November 20, 2017

By now, Friendsgiving feasts are well underway in preparation for the real deal Turkey Day later this week. Bring on the stuffing and pecan pie. While we de-bloat and reflect on what we’re thankful for this long weekend, just a heads up that Swirl will be still be in a turkey coma next week, so we'll see you back here in December. One thing we know for sure is we’re grateful for our loyal readers. We wouldn’t want to share our 90th volume with anyone else. In this edition: the newest clothing trend, a short show worth watching, and young love.


New Adults (n.) - the youngest members of Generation X ages 30-45 that are redefining traditional definitions of adulthood. What to expect from them? Foregoing mortgages to travel the world, creating new career paths, marrying later and more.

For those who like to go back for seconds...

SwirlNotes: Or shall we say thirds? Thanksgiving is the best day to eat as much as you want, and thanks to Stove Top, we now have the perfect clothing item to accompany our feasting. Meet Thanksgiving Dinner Pants - the only pair of pants you’ll find that can expand up to 2x the usual size, complete with pockets to store your sides for later. Turkey. For. Days.


These pants aren’t the most fashionable thing we’ve seen out there, and they might seem ridiculous, but Stove Top just earned some major points for bringing this one-of-a-kind item to life. The brand has picked up a lot of press, received over 85k YouTube views, and completely sold out of the product. Even better, $10,000 of the proceeds went to charity. That’s what we call a win-win. We’re going to guess that their stuffing sales spike this year too. Gobble gobble.

For the problem solvers...

SwirlNotes: Lowe’s challenged the best of the best home improvement influencers to a DIY escape room. When you think of it as a commercial-free HGTV show on Netflix, we promise it’s worth the 17-minute watch. The situation: the crew had an hour to leverage their handy(wo)man skillz ranging from electrical to carpentry to plumbing to get out and claim their pride prize. Not gonna lie though, they really take it down to the wire. Literally.


Let’s first start with the thought and innovation that went into executing a concept like this. A plus plus. The brand partnered with a physical creative agency called Real Art to secure a warehouse and build obstacles for the course that would be challenging enough for the four selected YouTube influencers. From two planners who love and recognize an idea with a strong foundation, we are not worthy. Not to mention that this video breaks every 6-second, 30-second and 2-minute rule. We were engrossed from start to finish, because it didn’t feel like an ad. Sure, the tools are the focus of the video, but to us, it felt so much more like a TV show we might actually watch. Brownie points for the cute casting, too. Brb, gotta DIY.

For the young lovers...

SwirlNotes: Macy’s, one of the most Christmas-associated brands, has officially debuted their 2017 holiday ad. What to expect? A young girl who has lost her mom, and a young boy that brightens her day with the perfect gift. Watch carefully - you might not even notice it’s a Macy’s spot until the very end.


Macy’s has been with three different agencies over the past three years, and this emotional storytelling around the holidays is a different angle than we’ve seen in the past. Previously, Macy’s has featured their brand name prominently in ads and relied heavily on promotions to woo people into their store to buy gifts. But this sweet love story shows the brand in a different light, and we think it will work. The spot ends with a casual Macy’s bag placement and the line “the perfect gift brings people together.” Our hearts just melted. Well played, Macy’s.


Americans spend nearly $3 billion on food for Thanksgiving dinner. Nomz.