The Swirl: November 13, 2017

Starbucks cups have turned red, the radio is playing holiday tunes and Santa’s already parked at the mall. Guess it’s officially Christmas szn? We see you Saint Nick, but let’s make way for our friends thanks and giving first. Too soon. Nevertheless, brands are already latching onto the snowy bandwagon and talking holiday with their ads, so you may see a good bit of it from us over the next few weeks. What can we say, we’re only as good as our [holiday] material. In this edition: a little trumpet boy, boxes o’ caroling, and something a little more timely.


“Move it, Football Head!” - an iconic phrase and nickname combo that will bring a smile to any 90s kid around the world. And so will this news. Wait for it… Hey! Arnold is taking it to the big screen just in time for Thanksgiving. Cue the nostalgia. Peep the trailer, and for the super fans, check out an in-depth interview with the show’s creator, Craig Bartlett. And then head to the theater November 23rd for a much-needed fill on your favorite misfit cartoon cast.

For the shy musicians...

SwirlNotes: Practice makes perfect. Especially when your audience is a pack of llamas. Cost Plus World Market created a three minute short featuring an adorable, budding trumpeter. Spoiler: most of it takes place outside. Aka little room for furniture and decor features on screen. We like what we see.


Cost Plus World Market is going a different route this holiday season. Earlier this year, we covered a super-targeted campaign from the brand for small space renters - and it was alllll about the products. This time around, coffee tables and area rugs take a back seat to pure holiday happiness. We admit, the premise is a little odd at first viewing, but the sentiment goes much further than your typical Christmas spot. Which let’s be honest, is usually only about buying the perfect gift. One thing’s for sure, this brand certainly found a rather unique way to articulate the real reason for the season: bringing and celebrating joy. And what’s more joyous than llama friends? Answer: nothing.

For the carolers...

SwirlNotes: Amazon has created quite the spirited chorus. What to expect: a sweet bird’s-eye view of the logistics journey a box takes from order to delivery. Just in time for the holidays.


Quite a departure from what we saw from Uber last week, Amazon’s take on the box is sending the best holiday message: that giving is better than receiving. Plus, timing is everything, so being able to order as the perfect idea strikes you is key. But beyond that, the main idea behind the ad is to put a smile on someone’s face, which is a cute tie to the brand’s logo. And what’s more festive than finding your loved ones the perfect gift, especially when you’re miles apart? While it might be a bit early to start sending Christmas gifts, it’s never too early to start making your list.

For the veterans...

SwirlNotes: Saturday was Veteran’s Day, and Buffalo Wild Wings recognized those who have served our country with a touching promotion, “Wings for Heroes.” The spot features a veteran that’s welcomed home by his friends - and sports of course. All. The. Feels.


A lot of brands participated in promotions, sales, and specials to recognize vets, but this one really stood out to us. We love how Buffalo Wild Wings really put the focus on the thoughtful welcome home rather than their products. The sports-related surprise nods to what they’re known for, but more than anything, the spot demonstrates their appreciation for veterans in a tasteful way. Wings anyone?


So, remember when we said we weren’t on the Stranger Things bandwagon yet? Well. Nothing a quick binge couldn’t fix. If you haven’t started watching, get on it - stat. And if you have and haven’t seen Millie Bobby Brown rap the season one recap, then you’re in for a treat. You can thank us later.