The Swirl: November 7, 2016

Jk, but almost. If you haven't already, you've got one more day to cast your ballot this election season. Not gonna lie, we're pretty pumped for no more political ads, and apparently so is Hefty. No matter your political views, get out there and exercise your civic duty. In the meantime, we've got: a not-so-perfect family gathering, a guest Swirler back at it again, and the perfect fruit.


Timely (adj.) - done or occurring at a favorable or useful time; opportune. Like having an ad ready to celebrate a World Series win. That's what Nike did at least. Check out their spot that aired just minutes after the big win, and how planning ahead gave them an advantage over other brands.


Christmas is gonna let you finish Thanksgiving… but not before taking over your supermarket shelves and maybe even your radio stations. We're not sure how we feel about the holiday spirit erupting right after Halloween left the building, but the new Crate & Barrel spot is one surefire way to get ready for the season of giving. Picture this: a festive, party-throwing gal welcoming family members one-by-one into her home, each arriving on her doorstep with an unexpected surprise. The heartwarming reunion at the end really hit us in the feels. Table setting and extra casserole dishes brought to you by Crate & Barrel.


Other than making us insanely jealous of this girl's house, this spot does a really great job of being real. Most brands miss the mark on that. Truth: families aren't perfect, life is full of surprises, and just so you know, Crate and Barrel is there for you through it all. By showing a real life modern family instead of an all-smiles, picture perfect one, the brand acknowledges life's imperfections and illustrates a compelling sense of character that most brands tend to shy away from - especially during the holidays. Plus, one of the most stressful things about the holidays is planning for guests. So it's good to know that Crate and Barrel has your back.



Kit Kat has launched a recent digital video series featuring one of the most popular rappers in the country - Chance the Rapper. In these videos, Chance gives a playful version of the famous Kit Kat jingle while talking to his alter ego - "Chance the Wrapper." These quick :15 commercials can't help but put a smile on your face and have "Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar" stuck in your head.


In case you weren't aware, Chance has kind of owned 2016 - with an album that was critically acclaimed and very popular among the masses and accessible to anyone with a streaming service (hint: he didn't release the CD to stores). Props to Kit Kat for partnering with a burgeoning superstar to appeal to their younger core demographic in a way that didn't feel too forced or awkward.


Halo, ooh ooh. We love you Bey, but today we're talking about a different set of Halos. Oranges, that is. Last week, in honor of Halloween, the mandarins company released new spots to try to attract some kiddos. They're known for being a perfect snack for the little ones - seedless, non-GMO, and easy for teeny hands to peel. They've always had strong spots, but their most recent take storytelling to the next level. The campaign, "Good choice, kids," features scare tactics to urge kids and their parents to make wise snacking choices. Expect to see things like evil twins, poisonous apples, and rebellious teens. They draw inspiration from classic fairy-tales and all end with the main point: choosing Halos is the right decision. Just like saying no to peer pressure.


Halos has some steep competition. It's known as Cuties, and they offer pretty much the exact same product: easy-to-peel mandarins for kids. But over the past few years, Halos has made a dedicated effort to brand themselves, and we think it's paying off. Their ability to storytell in a way that's so relatable to kids and their parents has positioned them as a go-to brand. A good, simple choice in a market that can often be overflowing with options. Consumers are responding well, considering that Halos is now the biggest and fastest-selling mandarin brand. Looks like their marketing is paying off.


Solar panels have never looked better. See how Tesla is making sustainability the norm. Welcome to the future.