The Swirl: November 6, 2017

If you’re like us, then there’s only one answer to lunch in the fall - and that’s soup. Soup by the can, soup in a box, even soup in a mug, we don’t discriminate. Anything that gives us a little warmth in the day is a huge win. A brand favorite, if you’re looking, is a new-ish line by Campbell’s by the name of ‘Well, Yes,’ which launched with a mission to encourage the small, positive moments each day. Not to mention, both the packaging and advertising are super visually intriguing and the ingredients really will make you smile. Just another reason why we love it. In this joy-filled edition, we’ve got: bumper cars, a new anthem and moms.


Butler (n.) - the main servant and bringer of food, in a mansion. Also a new feature where luxury hotels have a dedicated Instagram photographer to get you your best shot in all the right angles. Photo shoot, on.

For the road ragers...

SwirlNotes: All the big city drivers know how frustrating sitting in traffic can be. But, never fear. Uber is here with a perfect solution: ridesharing, beautifully demonstrated using box cars. Like actually made out of cardboard.


Honk if you don’t want to sit in 52 minutes of commute traffic, and waste another 26 looking for parking. According to Uber, that’s the average for drivers in Asia, and it’s only bound to get worse. Not cool. What better way to illustrate the monstrosity than with a cardboard metaphor, which we think really humanizes the emotional stress of the bumper-to-bumper mess in a lighthearted way. It’s also a perfect insert for Uber as a viable solution to a real problem by freeing up parking spots, reducing congestion and putting fewer people in cars overall. Win-win-win.

For the music junkies...

SwirlNotes: Apple Music has a new look and feel for ya. Cue music and 38 seconds of beat-drop and killer imagery to promote a new series of artist highlights, starting with the one and only Sam Smith. Drop the mic.


Apple has been known for its sleek and cool aesthetic, but some may say that they haven’t truly innovated in a while. Well, welcome back. This anthem features 41 uniquely designed “Notes” using their iconic iTunes emblem, and nods to music megastars from Sia to Bob Dylan. The new visual identity aims to connect fans with the future of music and artist news, while illustrating the breadth and depth of content that Apple Music houses. We like where this is headed, and will keep our eyes and ears open for more from the individual artists. Boom, clap.

For the Olympians...

SwirlNotes: P&G is back at it again with another ‘Thank you, Mom’ spot as the 2018 Winter Olympics approach. We’ve always loved these ads, but this one may be their best yet. This year, they are kicking off the sports event with a new theme: overcoming biases.


P&G has always been successful with their tributes to supportive mothers, and this addition to the collection just took it to the next level. The spot features young athletes facing obstacles like race and gender, but nevertheless excelling with the unconditional love and strength their moms provide. This ad is the start of a new campaign for P&G, “Love Over Bias,” and comes after other recent brand initiatives addressing inclusion. Timely, given the political unrest we’ve faced over the past couple of years. Kudos to P&G for staying relevant and delivering an important message in a beautiful way.


Ever wonder how La Croix got so popular, like overnight? This guy chalks it up to being the “anti-soda” and the power of social media. Fizzy, fizzy.