The Swirl: October 24, 2016

Feeling spooky? Reminder that Halloween is next Monday. Which means you have one week to find a costume, or less if you have weekend parties to attend. Meanwhile, in this edition: babies, jobs, and a stratastic recap.


Signal tapped in their latest campaign via Facebook Messenger to both remind children to brush their teeth and reward them with a bedtime story for 21 nights straight. Interested? Send the brand a Facebook message to get started.


Bieber reference. Except we're not talking about significant others here. We're talking about real babies - infants that is. And what makes them happy. Cow and Gate Baby Club, a UK company created to give moms advice, just released a song that is scientifically proven to make babies happy. Expect to hear a lot of animal noises, babies laughing, and some choo choos. Even if baby songs aren't your top pick, the footage is worth the view. There's a reason the babies are so happy in the video. It's because Cow and Gate tested the noises on more than 50 babies. Those that got the best reactions made the cut. And we can all smile now.



4A's Stratfest- a 2-day conference for strategists and planners - and came back with a ton of inspiration to share.

  1. Do your research. Get out there and talk to people about your brand, your product and your competitors. Scour the Internet, dig through forums and online reviews, listen to what people are saying on social media, and understand their behaviors. Stay curious and always ask the original question: why?
  2. Cater to your consumer. Humans are fascinating creatures - get to know them. What makes them tick? Where do they go? What do they like? Why? Don't let your budget or your bias influence your brand voice and the message you put out into the world.
  3. Be bold. This applies to both your consumers and your team. People are willing to watch 13 hours of Game of Thrones in a weekend, so if they're not willing to watch your 30-second ad, that's a you problem. Hook your consumers with strangely interesting content, and hook your creative team with a brief that inspires and leads them to do great work.
  4. Have a purpose. Assign teams based on strengths and how their experience can help best solve the problem at hand. Giving specific direction will ensure that each area is covered efficiently, and will help everyone move as one. We do our best work when we're stretched to think harder and with purpose.
  5. Never get discouraged. If Mikaila Ulmer can create a company from a fear of bees and a lemonade stand at the age of 4, you can tackle any problem that comes your way. In the words of a 12-year-old, “don't get discouraged by life's little stings, get back up and spread your wings.” *aw*

Bonus content: our favorite ad and winner of the festival's Grand Prix Award, Kraft's Blind Taste Test. Why so awesome? The brand changed the formula and put it out in the universe without telling any a soul... and nobody noticed. The mac and cheese brand sold over 50 million boxes in the 3-month period of silence, and only received 40 (that's right, forty!) complaints. Pure. Genius. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: It's Changed, But It Hasn't :60


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