The Swirl: October 16, 2017

Anyone else feeling refreshed this a.m.? Nothing like some crisp, fall air (finally). We’re over that summer humidity that keeps creeping back in. Trade in your iced coffees for hot chocolate and cozy up for some great content this week. In this edition: finding things, your first boujee apartment, and holiday vibes.


Ask Perry Ellis (n) - Amazon Alexa’s latest skill that gives out fashion advice based on 150 scenarios, like weddings, job interviews, and first dates. The partnership with the menswear brand, Perry Ellis, came about after finding that 73% of men felt they’ve made inappropriate fashion choices. Here’s to hoping Alexa will bring that number down.

For the people always losing things...

SwirlNotes: Tile’s got you covered. The Bluetooth-enabled tracking system is like Find My iPhone for everyday objects - keys, wallet, and most importantly, stuffed animals. Their latest spot tells the story of a lost panda finding his way back home to a little girl. Tear-jerker alert.


For one, why wasn’t this a thing when we were kids? This is a genius idea for all of the "misplacers" out there. But what we love most is how Tile, a technology-driven company, decided to showcase the emotional benefit for consumers rather than boring us with GPS tracking details. We’ve all lost something special before, and the stuffed animal story is the perfect example of this. Even better, it was inspired by an actual Tile customer. The idea behind the spot is grounded in that feeling you get when you find something you thought you lost forever. There’s really nothing better, and they brought it to life perfectly. I’ll take 10, please.

For the newly-furnished apartment renters...

SwirlNotes: Get ready for the compliments to start flowing in. West Elm would like to announce in their first TV ad ever that friends and family will start to notice your bedroom furniture and ask to take their shoes off upon entering your. For realz. It’s happening.


You’ve tossed the futon and empty wine bottle decor, and upgraded to quality bedding, drapes and a sectional. You go Glen Coco. West Elm thinks it’s time you get "house proud," and recognize your entrance into adulthood and actually owning nice things. This spot really demonstrates the brand’s understanding of their audience, and the true sense of accomplishment they feel when they’ve crossed over the threshold from "recent grad" to "real adult." Props to West Elm for really narrowing in on the millennial audience. Looks like 26-year-olds are becoming a new hot topic.

For the holiday planners...

SwirlNotes: No, we’re not talking Thanksgiving here. Looks like Christmas is already on the radar. Crate & Barrel is trying to get ahead by releasing a Christmas campaign tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Why? Because planning holiday parties takes a lot of prep and practice, and there’s no harm in starting early.


Christmas may be far off, but as we all know, holiday campaigns blow up after Thanksgiving. Everything gets cluttered, and brands start to blend together. Crate & Barrel might have the right idea here. The spots definitely stick out, and the notion of preparation is fitting for this time of year, regardless of which holiday you’re thinking about. The Reese Witherspoon sponsorship isn’t a bad touch either. She fully embodies the "perfect hostess" persona, and we’re now all thinking that maybe we should start prepping too. ‘Tis the season.


Bye bye “easy breezy” and hello to “I am what I make up.” After Coty bought the beauty brand from P&G, this rebrand was a natural first step in making a splash with a new face of CoverGirl.