The Swirl: October 10, 2016

Is it just us, or are y'all so into the cooler weather? Hello there little infinity scarf, we missed you. Netflix is feelin' it, too. To celebrate the 16th anniversary of Gilmore Girls' debut last week, it threw the best party we've ever seen. Fangirls lost their minds at 200 pop-up locations across the nation, where you could get a free cup of joe with a customized sleeve, all while supplies lasted. Some ragrets that we didn't scope out the Charlotte locations while Stars Hollow swag was in town. But to warm you up a little (admittedly not as much as Luke's coffee, though), we've got laughter in all shapes and sizes: good smells in the bathroom, the new phone on the block and the right body soap for you.


Inspiration (n). - the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Also a common theme in recent ads, particularly in the realm of Paralympic sports and going to college alone.

How's that for your morning inspo? Get out there and make it a great day.


We all do it. It's a natural part of life. And we probably have an embarrassing story or two to tell about it. Although, none probably rival 'poop in a purse' girl, who tweeted the play-by-play details of extracting her poop from a broken toilet and placing it delicately into her purse. All, unbelievably, without her date seeming to notice. Stealth score: 100. But Poo-Pourri, a special before-you-poo spritzer, hopes to take the stress and awkwardness out of doing the deed in public with their new online video. The situation at hand? How to poop at a party. Not surprisingly, the hilarious video went viral in a matter of days, garnering over 2.4 million views. Not too crappy.


Aside from being a giggle-worthy topic to begin with, what's interesting about this execution is that an in-house production team ensured that the delicate tone was delivered authentically. Otherwise, the brand felt it would be hard to pull off. The premise might be absolutely absurd, but it undoubtedly establishes the brand voice in a bold, hilarious way. The no-sugar-coat product benefit approach is very Orbit-esque. You can nearly cut the awkward tension with a butter knife. It's funny because it's true. And the coolest part is that the brand thought through three separate endings so that the viewer can virtually click and choose their own journey. We're biased though, cuz we love a happy ending. Poo-Pourri to host the wedding, ABC Bachelor style? Count us in.


There's been talk that Google is coming out with a new phone for a while now. Those of you that have been standing on your tippy toes can now celebrate. Last week, they unveiled their new phone. And several other products, like a virtual reality headset and an in-home assistant. Meet Google Pixel: the only phone without several versions. Brand new, freaky fast charging abilities, and an iPhone lookalike, only better. According to Google at least. Timely, given that the iPhone 7 just came out. No one ever said healthy competition was a bad thing.


If you take a closer look at this smartphone and the other products Google released, you'll notice a theme: artificial intelligence. With the success of things like Amazon Echo, it doesn't really come as a surprise, but the way they've integrated AI into a smartphone is brilliant. The Pixel comes equipped with a Daydream virtual-reality software and this thing called Google Assistant. AKA a smarter Siri that understands context unique to each individual. Shout out to Google for making our lives easier one step at a time. They've now put artificial intelligence software in every device a person owns. Stay tuned.


If you're ever in need of some entertainment, take a walk down the body wash aisle in Target. You'll see a wide range to choose from, and even more ridiculous names attached to them. Deep midnite, aqua fresh, neon groove. Seriously, what does that even mean? Dollar Shave Club is thinking the same thing. They introduced their newest ads last week, and we can't get enough. Each spot pokes fun at the absurdity of Axe and Old Spice, and the guys you could expect to use them. Like bodybuilders and music festival bros. But no need to worry - there happens to be an option out there for the guys that want the simpler things in life. It's part of the Dollar Shave Club line and promises straightforward ingredients, honest fragrances, and a shower product that's more you.


Dollar Shave Club is a relative newcomer to the market, and rather than taking a hyper-masculinity approach like its competitors, they've shifted their strategy to simplicity. In fact, it seems like they are trying to attract a different target altogether. One that's probably a bit older, a bit more mature. Someone that wants nicer, but also affordable, things in life. So next time you get overwhelmed in the body wash aisle, you might want to check this thing out.


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