The Swirl: October 9, 2017

The weather might not be cooperating with our fall taste, but no one ever said you couldn’t pretend. Flannels and pumpkin beer are in full gear, and we don’t hate it. Nothing's better than reading Swirl with a PSL in hand. In this edition: a movie stunt, flight upgrades, and libations.


Ad Fraud (n) - a type of scam in which the perpetrator fools advertisers into paying for something that is worthless to them, like fake leads and fake traffic. Last year, an estimated $7.4 billion was wasted on display ads alone. Ooph. Here’s what you need to know.

For the horror film goers...

SwirlNotes: If you like scary movies, you’ve probably heard of the big screen remake of "It." ICYMI, the film is dominating box office numbers. And Burger King just jumped on the popularity of it with an in-theater stunt. After viewers had their fill of horror, BK projected a simple message on the screen: “The moral is...never trust a clown.” Ded.


We’ll never be able to look at Ronald McDonald the same. The stunt was a clever move by BK that made us laugh, and demonstrated their ability to act quickly on a relevant subject in a creative way. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition, and we love how Burger King managed to joke on their Golden Arches rival without directly hating on their products. They can thank “It” for making their longest ad ever. Sweet dreams everyone.

For those on a budget...

SwirlNotes: Budget flights just got better, thanks to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Through a virtual reality experience, the airline gave people waiting to board budget flights a little taste of what an upgrade could get them. Things like more leg room, TV entertainment, and a caring crew. Sounds pretty nice right about now.


Budget flights are one of the few ways you can minimize costs with travel, but KLM wants people to realize that sacrificing comfort and service may not be worth the extra cash on hand. Their Flight Upgrader lets people escape that budget reality for a few minutes, or the entire flight if they choose. We have to admit giving the headsets to those about to board may have just rubbed salt in the wound, but we think the promotional aspect of KLM was a success. Maybe next time those people will consider a less budget-friendly option. For everyone else, KLM is now top of mind among the 5,000 airline options. Cha-ching.

For the whiskey drinkers...

SwirlNotes: Or haters, because Laphroaig (pronounced LA-FROYG, ya know, almost like La Croix…but not) accepts both. The scenario: two best friends walk into a bar and order two whiskeys neat. The result: mixed reviews on let’s just say, an acquired taste.


One might argue that alcohol - in general - has got an acquired taste. Well, okay, with the exception of piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris. Those are delish. But the whiskey brand, who’s always kinda leaned into their negative press, is back at it again with a continuation of their #OpinionsWelcome campaign. So to do a true test, what’s better than getting two friends together who’ve never tried the brand before? We love the juxtaposition between advocates and naysayers in the same frame, and how it adds an element of transparency to the product. They’re not trying to win sales from everyone, but for those special whiskey drinkers that want to taste all it has to offer. That’s what we call knowing your audience. Whiskey ain’t for everybody. But apparently Selena Gomez is a fan. Think her whiskey neat is Laphroaig?


Boomers and Millennials might share the same mindset, but their taste in brands is significantly different. Looks like some long standing brands (AKA P&G, Samsung, etc.) might not age well if they don’t adapt to what the young ones want.