The Swirl: October 2, 2017

It’s officially October and we all know what that means… the countdown 'til Halloween is on. Time to pull out your pumpkins, ghosts and witches’ brooms and get into the festive spirit. It’s also cool to start playing spooky flicks on repeat, right? If you can believe it… it’s been nearly 25 years since everyone’s favorite Hocus Pocus debuted. Take that in for sec. The cast has definitely gotten older over the past two decades, but there’s been a lot of interest expressed about a sequel online. Sources say it’s in fact not in production, but we wouldn’t hate it if they were wrong. In this edition: a fun app, airplane stories, and the real meaning of clean.


Queso Cup (n) - Chipotle’s newest Instagram campaign promoting the nationwide rollout of their queso dip. Despite mixed taste-test reviews, they’ve had major wins on the social channel. Think a 70% completion rate for their 100-part Insta story. Is that a record? Here’s what they did right.

For the interior designers...

SwirlNotes: There’s nothing worse than buying something for your home only to have it show up and not look right. Too big? Not the right color? Awkwardly small? Yep, been there. Ikea now has a solution for that. It’s called Ikea Place, their newest app that leverages augmented reality to help consumers envision real products in their unique spaces.


This comes along with the recent release of Apple’s ARKit, and we now see why there’s so much excitement surrounding the iOS 11 update. With the new tool, this app automatically scales products based on room dimension with 98% accuracy (so they claim). We’re not surprised that Ikea jumped on this opportunity so quickly. They never fail to keep up with trends, and this is a perfect example of how they always manage to stay on top. With more than 2,000 Ikea products available on the app, we’re sure that it will lead to a healthy amount of sales AND fewer returns. Expect more retailers to follow, but for now, Ikea just defined what it means to have a competitive edge. Home sweet home.

For the frequent flyer...

SwirlNotes: Southwest wants you to choose them for your next flight. Their new campaign, "Behind Every Seat is a Story," highlights the emotional aspects of why customers travel. Whether it’s to take Grandma to Belize or to visit an old friend, the reason you’re traveling matters most.


In a category that’s often driven by price, it’s refreshing to see Southwest take a slightly different angle. Yes, they have low fares, but there’s a reason for that. It’s so the person sitting in 22C can go chase their dreams, and 10A can sightsee. It portrays Southwest as a compassionate, understanding brand and helps us understand WHY they do what they do. They refer to this as “transfarency” in the campaign - AKA low fares and nothing to hide. Simple, yet effective. We also love that it breaks the mold of what you typically think of your seatmate. Everyone you sit next to has a story. Time to book that next flight.

For the clean freaks...

SwirlNotes: This might scratch your OCD itch. Think: dirty sinks, dusty fans, and garbage-filled cars. Clorox’s new campaign takes a different take on what it means to be clean, elevating it from erasing the dirty to creating a new beginning.


There’s no denying that the scenarios that require a bleach clean-up are less than pleasant. So it’s no surprise that the spot features poopy diapers and puppy accidents. Because those things inevitably happen - that’s life. But what’s so creative about Clorox’s take on "clean" is the opportunity cleanliness grants you once you’ve achieved it: a fresh start. A rebirth of sorts. The goal of the campaign is to establish a deeper connection that goes beyond a simple clean-up, and instead puts the brand in the center of a (cleaner) world where people can reach greater heights. It pushes beyond the mundane routine of clean, and really celebrates the transformative power of the product. Winning.


Despite filing for bankruptcy last month, Toys R Us is still pushing out a major re-branding campaign. Expect store events, toy labs, and a lot of play time in hopes to boost sales. With the rise of online, this is just one more example of how brick-and-mortar stores are having to rethink traditional business in order to keep up.