The Swirl: January 9, 2017

Swirl is back, tell a friend.

Things we learned in 2016: people are busy, especially on Mondays. We've also heard through the grapevine that video is king, so let's watch more and read less. It's a whole new year, and a slightly revamped us, which equals more of what you want and less of what you don't.

To kick it off with a great start: we've got a new guest Swirler, the tale of the farmer, the end of an era, and the newest wearable.



Mobile app (n) - a software application developed specifically for use on small devices like smartphones and tablets. Think: those little square buttons that get you access to music, games, or directions with the tap of finger. Aka Pandora, Candy Crush and Google Maps.

So you think you want to build one? Well, they're absolutely everywhere. And with so many choices at your fingertips, how can you make your app stands out from the competition, while keeping your end user happy and loyal? There are many factors to consider, but a great user experience should be on the top of your list. Here are 7 UX design tips to follow when designing and building your mobile app. You'll thank us later.

For the bread and butter lover...

SwirlNotes: To kickoff the new year, Land O'Lakes just released a new 2017 heart-warming ad. It gives an emotionally relevant touch to a late 1800s poem. Because who doesn't love a good rhyme.


The spot's goal is to give the brand meaning beyond butter. There's no denying that when you hear Land O'Lakes, you think “oh, that stuff you spread on bread.” Turns out there's much more to the company than that. Like cheese and farm-to-table practices. The creative is stunning and Barr's poem really brings the message home, reading almost like a nursery rhyme. Props to the brand for taking strides toward changing our perceptions. One thing's for sure, Land O'Lakes is definitely thinking ‘New Year, New Me.'

For the man bun hater...

SwirlNotes: Red Robin's going bunless, in more ways than one. By playing on the 2016 crazed fad of man buns, they're starting 2017 with a new trend of their own: lettuce buns.


Red Robin's attempt to keep customers healthy is not surprising, given the rise of health fast-food options and resolutions this time of year. What we appreciate the most is their ability to stay relevant socially, too. Instead of talking about fresh, green, or GMO-free, they've taken a pop culture angle on the issue by suggesting people start cutting back with the man bun. Hair is less work, after all.

Kayak agrees that the trend has about run it's course. Because once everyone in the office has one, it's time for it to get the cut.

For the workout fiend...

SwirlNotes: Samsung recognizes what all of us try to deny: not only is working out is pretty hard, it's pretty weird, too. But they have the perfect product to help all of the workout crazies out there. Meet the Samsung GearFit2.


You've probably noticed that your gym is a bit hectic these days, and there's a reason why. Every New Year comes with a lot of health and fitness resolutions. The release of this spot is timely to say the least. Saving it for after the Christmas season was probably a good move. Less advertising clutter, more room for your to focus on all of your workout goals. And even more motivation to buy a Samsung GearFit2.


Remember when we warned you about the Jolly Green Giant's return? Well, the time has come. He's back.