The Swirl: September 25, 2017

If you’re like us, you’ve been a TSwift fangirl since her start on the country music scene. And if you’re like us, you’ve followed her as she’s risen to rule the pop star kingdom. Her newest album, though? At first, we weren’t sure about her take on bad@$$, but the video debut gave us a newfound appreciation for her self-awareness. Not to mention, it’s pretty freaking catchy. If you’ve been dying for a behind the scenes look at how she was able to pull it off, we got you. In other hot off the press news, we’ve got: the perfect pair, hidden messages and logo recognition.


Ephemeral content (n.) - content that only lasts for a short period of time. Might sound scary, but for marketers, there’s significant upside to content that disappears. Think: authenticity, a healthy amount of FOMO, and heightened attention span. And if you don’t know it yet, you might want to learn it given that it’s one of the five trends that will have maximum impact in 2018.

For the milk-a-what?!...

SwirlNotes: Milk and cookies. Name a better duo, we’ll wait. Well, not so fast… milk’s trying out this new dating scene thing. And things are getting a little steamy. Ow ow.


Foods have stereotypes too - people may think milk is only reserved for dessert and cereal, but this “Got milk?” campaign sets out to change that popular misconception. Tacos and milk, maybe not. But it’s worth a try. They didn’t go the cartoon route, which we appreciate, and the dating concept is culturally relevant given the rise of apps like Hinge and Tinder. How they bring this to life creatively is pretty humorous, too - pizza and milk on a sailing date, donuts and milk on a cute bike ride. All in an attempt to get consumers to “play the field” with milk. Bon appétit.

For the outdoorsy type...

SwirlNotes: L.L. Bean just took newspaper ads to the next level. To celebrate their new tagline, “Be an outsider,” they made a full-page ad that you can only read outdoors. Thanks to photochromic ink, the copy is colorless indoors, but shows up when exposed to ultraviolet light. Science, man.


Everyone can communicate a brand promise, but L.L. Bean just fully embodied theirs. Even better, the copy reveals their entire manifesto when taken outside. That’s what we call a brand experience. And we love how they’ve taken a traditional medium and given it a modern twist. It feels right for a brand like L.L. Bean - classic, but still relevant. We love the sentiment, and are equally impressed with their new TV ads. Thanks for capturing what it truly means to love the outdoors.

For those with photographic memories...

SwirlNotes: How well do you know logos? Turns out most consumers don’t know them as well as they may think. A new study, Branded in Memory, by just gave us a lot of insight into how much people can actually recall logos. Long story short: not very well.


Only 16% of participants in this study drew a near-perfect logo. Yikes. And we’re talking big brands here - Target, Ikea, Apple, Walmart, and more. These are logos people see over and over again, yet still can’t recall perfectly. We also learned that people almost always remember brand colors, often confuse strong brand symbols with the logo (AKA Burger King crown), struggle with more complex design, and confuse variations of logos over time. So what does this mean for us? If you want to get noticed and be remembered, choose colors carefully, keep it simple, and only rebrand with purpose.


Ever feel like brands tend to grossly generalize the millennial generation? Cuz same. To commemorate all the basic stereotypes in one awesome place, Dissolve created an awesome short film slamming those marketing clichés.