The Swirl: September 19, 2016

In case you don't get enough stock photography in your life, Adobe is bringing it straight to your closet. That's right, images of 'woman eating salad' and 'businessmen working together' are now available on T-shirts. Brb while we fill our shopping carts. In the meantime, we've got: paying your friends back, wearing Uggs around the house, and fangirling over a boy(cott) band.


Dronesurfing (n). - like parasailing, but not. Instead of a boat and a parachute, it's a flying drone and a board. And apparently is only legit if you have friends on all sides to capture your cool moves.


Back in the ~olden~ days, roommates had to write each other checks to cover utilities. And getting paid back for spotting a friend might mean never seeing that moolah again. Major bummer. But thanks to technology, money transfer is now as easy as a few clicks of a button. Venmo, a digital wallet (aka app) that lets you make and share payments with friends, debuted its first campaign last week called 'Pony Up.' Get it? This spot shows a group of friends arguing over the happy hour before one suggests everyone pony up with Venmo. *Cue all the actual ponies*


When it comes to money transfer on an app, some people are still saying 'so sketch.' But we've got to say it's pretty cool - not to mention convenient. Venmo obviously agrees. The spots do a great job of balancing the funny play on words with what's so awesome about the service: taking the awkwardness out of splitting the bill. This is the first time the brand has showcased its personality in a big way, and we can't wait to see more. Lucky for us, out-of-home ads, pizza boxes(!), a Snapchat filter and activations in key markets are to follow. Herd that.


Contrary to popular belief, Uggs are now more than a fashion statement. For their new campaign, Ugg recruited “The Dude” aka Jeff Bridges and star QB Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Football feelings aside, the spots are pretty hilarious. What to expect: lots of singing and dancing around, drones delivering green juice, reading the newspaper, and teaching the art of laziness. All with the moccasin slipper front and center, of course. Oh so relaxing. Pass the PSL and sign us up.


We may not all be able to afford the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but maybe Ugg gets that. At $110 a pop, they're certainly not the cheapest moccasins out there. But even if our living rooms aren't decked out with swanky furniture and the latest technology, we can still feel like it with the best slippers on the market. And is it just us, or is this interesting timing given Tom Brady's month-long suspension? Ookward. Guess he really is spending more than the 'rare' Sunday off in his Uggs.


Since the passing of HB2 in North Carolina, countless concerts and sporting events have been cancelled and pulled from the state. And just last week, the NCAA followed suit. Ouch. That really hurts. Many have stood in protest, but none like this. Equality NC teamed up with local agency and production companies to create a short film about the reunion of fake 'boycott' band, One More Wish. Think One Direction meets N*SYNC in 10+ years. Fan girls unite. The 12-minute mini-movie focuses the story on the boycott band filling an entertainment void with only slight undertones of issues around HB2. And if we're being honest, the song is pretty catchy, too. Tell us that won't get stuck in your head later.


Instead of another cheesy, slanderous PSA, this project takes a really interesting and differentiated approach to get people talking about real political issues *wait for it…...* without getting too political. The producers say the film gets a better reaction in theatrical screenings over online viewings, but either way you watch it, it's hard not to get sucked into the characters. Sometimes the weirder and more bizarre, the better. And more than entertainment value, it's bringing attention to a major national issue: legalized discrimination. With stunts like this provoking continued protest and conversation, we can only hope it leads to overturning the legislature.


Welp, Serena may not have won the U.S. Open… but we think she pulled out a win as the star in this addicting Snapchat game. You're welcome.