The Swirl: September 18, 2017

Looking for a new show to watch when you go home tonight? You’re in luck. Hulu would like to to re-introduce itself, and for starters is looking to invest over $2.5 billion in original content. For those of us who didn’t know, it’s a triple threat that offers live content, on-demand content plus Hulu originals. Praised be. While we heart Anna Kendrick, we’re not aca-certain we heart this spot… but maybe our TV dreams will come true with future iterations. On to things we do love, though. In this edition: catfish the food, finding common ground and a season premiere.


80 - grams of added sugar that children in the US consume per day. PER. DAY. So Kind - the guys who make the healthy good granola bars - decided to do something about it. How? By dumping 45,000 pounds of sugar in Times Square, of course. Message received.

For the single ladies...

SwirlNotes: Good lookin’ out, Bumble. It’s no Nev Schulman and crew, but the dating app did set up a catfish food truck in NYC to spread awareness on pretending to be someone you’re not online. Aka what "kids these days" call catfishing. We see what ya did there.


Since catfishing is a legit thing, and usually leveraged by swapping your pics with someone more attractive, Bumble created a photo verification tool that requires a user to upload a selfie to determine if its a match with the imported profile photo. And what better way to promote the new technology than by poking fun of the absurdity of online dating with real catfish - in the form of tacos and sliders, no less. For an app that made its name for bringing together people online, this experiential event created interesting juxtaposition between on and offline by leveraging the face-to-face interaction that a food truck offers IRL. Catfish just got served.

For the polar opposites...

SwirlNotes: A yodeler, an auctioneer, a flutist and a beatboxer walk into a bar… jk, but they might just walk into a Gap. And throw down a perfectly catchy beat together. Album dropping soon.


First off, let us go on the record and say, this campaign is straight brilliant. And we don’t give out those kudos lightly. Far too many times have we seen contrived attempts at making peace during this time of division (tbt Kendall Jenner & Pepsi). But Gap’s new “Meet in the Gap” campaign brings people together by shifting our perspective ever so slightly to the nuances that make us different. Sure, on the surface, Cher vs. Future, basketball vs. DJ vs. tappers, artists vs. dancers, and the epic showdown of yodeler vs. auctioneer vs. flutist vs. beatboxer come from opposite ends of the spectrum. But when you boil it down, they all share a common thread of music, sound and expression. Gap’s message is simple: just because we are different from each other, doesn’t mean we don’t have a common ground. For starters, everybody loves denim.

Because it’s that good (and we struggled to pick one to highlight), we’re giving you the entire confection. Peep the rest of the campaign collection here.

For the binge watchers...

SwirlNotes: Speaking of Netflix, one of their most popular series is returning on October 27. Stranger Things is back for season two, and the ads do not disappoint. They’ve recreated classic ‘80s movie posters with their main characters. Jaws just got a little bit better.


Fun fact: Stranger Things was rejected by 15-20 various networks before being picked up by Netflix. Props to our fave streaming site for recognizing something great. Season one was a huge success thanks to the loyal fan base, and part of what viewers love about the show is its retro effect. It brings back memories of E.T., The Goonies, and more. Looks like Netflix has recognized that fans geek out to the old times, and these ads have given them exactly what they’re looking for. That’s what we call "knowing your audience." If you weren’t excited about the show’s return yet, we’re sure you are now.


Apple isn’t the only company making new moves with augmented reality. Looks like financial services are exploring the tech world too. MoneyLion - a personal finance app - is experimenting with visualizing account balances as a means of transforming personal banking and feeling financial reality. Welcome to the future.