The Swirl: September 6, 2016

Hey guess what? Tomorrow is already hump day. We hope you're feeling refreshed. In this edition: a new minivan on the street, everyone's favorite tiny mints, and the greatest athlete ever.


Coupon Drawer (n.) - also referred to as the new 'offers' section on Facebook. Essentially, a bookmark bar where you can keep all of your Facebook offers and get expiration reminders. Also an easier way for advertisers to target the right people.


The minivan: forever known as mom's best friend when it comes to soccer practice and carpools. And if you never thought they were cool, think again. About a month ago, Chrysler released a "Street Smarts" web series that has been changing our perceptions of minivans ever since. Specifically, the 2017 Pacifica. The seven online videos feature comedian Jim Gaffigan talking over moments that we can all relate to. Like trying to get the car door open when you have your hands full. Or keeping tech-savvy kids entertained on a long road trip. Each video showcases a different feature of the new car. Long story short - we all want a minivan now.


Chrysler Pacifica has proven that product benefits don't always have to be boring. Their choice of celeb couldn't be more perfect. Gaffigan's lines, combined with all-too-real life moments, demonstrate the car's competitive advantage in a hilarious way. And did you notice that they chose to feature the dad figure? Because dads drive minivans and lead carpool too. Bravo Chrysler. That's how you challenge stereotypes, and we give them an A+ for that.


Raise your hand if you've ever eaten an entire box of Tic Tacs in one sitting… oh, well then maybe that's just us. If not, you might remember them being passed around like candy in your middle school math class or getting some time on the big screen on the set of Juno(we see you Michael Cera). But this time, the tiny mint is stealing the show for a different reason: daring to be little. The brand's new campaign, "Little Adventures," features the hard candies enjoying the most exciting of human experiences. Think shark diving, blasting into space, and bobbing over the edge of a rapid. Who knew such a little mint could be such a daredevil.


Great spots don't always have to have a high production look and feel. There's no doubt these web spots are ridiculously charming and well-written, but what we love most about them is they use toy cars, miniature tool kits and dramatic looking backdrops to get the job done. And what's even better is that each scenario unapologetically hammers home the brand message: every single Tic Tac is ~action packed~ with flavor. But asking for a friend, what happens when you down the whole package? We don't wanna know.


It's that time of year again. The U.S. Open kicked off last week, and in honor of the event, Nike released an ad as another part of its 'Unlimited' series. The spot features the one and only Serena Williams. Or as Nike puts it, the greatest athlete ever. What to expect: a series of words that recap her career that will leave you feeling inspired. Even if you don't know what each word or number represents, the ad does a good job of condensing Williams' many accomplishments into a digestible narrative. AKA a tribute to the all-star athlete as she competes this week. YGG.


There's no denying that the ad is intense. But if you thought the beginning was inspiring, just wait until the last 10 seconds. It's at the end of the spot that Nike decided to make a statement. No it wasn't a typo… Nike intentionally edited their own commercial in real time to change 'greatest female athlete ever' to 'greatest athlete ever.' Why? Because it's no longer about male vs. female. Or even who you think the best athlete is. Nike stands for great athleticism and gives credit where it's due. That's what we call an ace.


We hope you're ready for your close-up, because you can now zoom in on Instagram photos.