The Swirl: August 29, 2016

If you haven't had your Fantasy Football draft yet, you'll probably have it sometime this week. One bit of advice: be careful who you pick. Because, as you know, losing is not fun. Until then, you've got the Swirl. In this edition: life in a day, the first day of school, and some breaking news.


Contact (n). - A meeting, communication or relationship with someone. Also, the new way to reach brands through call, text or email on Instagram with the click of a button.


No, not the guy from We're the Millers. We're talking about this girl. The one who literally lives her full life in the span of one day. Well, actually 60 seconds. Dove's newest commercial begins with a child getting out of bed, then shoots to a teenage girl skateboarding into a coffee shop, then to an adult chatting with friends, then finding her soulmate, all before a gray-haired woman climbs the stairs to her same room with Dove foil wrappers lining her mirror and nightstand. The spot ends with a stream of chocolate with a "Live Each Day As If It's the Only One" overlay. So yeah, we'd say it's acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast.


We're not gonna lie. This spot is not your typical candy commercial. It's a little out there and a little different, but what we appreciate about this spot is that it managed to capture our attention… not for a :15 or :30, but for a full :60 spot. And with attention spans shorter than a goldfish, we'd like to say that's a success. It's inspiring because it encourages you to cherish every moment in life, even if it's as small as a sassy new haircut or stealing a wink from across the room. While most brands focus on milestones like birthdays or marriage or having a baby, Dove focuses on the little things in life that often go unrecognized. And what better way to celebrate those than with a piece of chocolate wrapped in inspiration. Nomz.


It's that time of year again. Summer camp is over and the kiddos are heading back to the classroom. Which also means parents are rushing to stores, because there's nothing more exciting than getting ready for that first day of school. Whether it's a new backpack, shoes, or dress, kids these days want to be sure that their look is on fleek. Walmart's new spot, "Own the First Day," captures just how important that first day is, and how much prep really goes into it. It's pretty entertaining to say the least.


Back to school spots are the norm, but Walmart made some smart decisions that we think will benefit the brand. For one, it's genuine. The spot embraces each kid's individuality. But more importantly, they chose a song that will definitely catch parents' attention. Instead of going with Justin Bieber, they went for Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again." Because even though kids have a lot of influence over what ends up in the shopping cart, it's the parents that ultimately have to cut the check.

THIS JUST IN... is known for doing things a little differently. You remember Jeff Goldblum poking fun at internet visionaries as a Steve Jobs-esque Silicon Valley Maverick. And who can forget the Super Bowl spot spoofing "The Jeffersons" with none other than Lil Wayne and George Washington (lolz get it, George and Weezy) on the city apartment rooftop? This time, the apartment listing website took a more PSA, brain-washy, Dharma Initiative (for you Lost fans out there) creative approach. And it's weird. And we kinda like it.


The brand always crushes it from an entertainment and engagement perspective, and this commercial is no exception. It's disruptive, attention-catching, and before you know it, it's over. The whole tagline of "change your apartment, change the world" fits in well with their big executions and dramatic tone. It works because it's true to their brand message. Happy apartment hunting.


It's bad enough to helicopter your kids. Don't do it to your brand, too.