The Swirl: August 28, 2017

Hey, guess what? 5 days until a three day weekend. Hollaa. We’ll be enjoying our Labor Day with cookouts and friends, so apologies ahead of time for a week without Swirl. We hope you all will be doing the same. In this edition: soda pop, a new app, and much needed vacations.


Addressable TV advertising (n.) - delivering different ads to different people who are watching the same show through audience and demographic targeting. Also TV’s way of catching up to online ad techniques.

For the busy bees...

SwirlNotes: Canada Dry says “let’s re-evaluate.” The ginger ale brand is inviting everyone who thinks they like being busy to take a chill pill (jk crack open their soda) and relax a little harder than they work. Now that’s a refreshing idea.


We all know the slew of traditional ‘bad’ four-letter words, but with this new spot, Canada Dry is trying to add ‘busy’ to the list. For a lot of people, busy is a good thing. It represents achievement and accomplishment, it inspires them, and signifies success. But what those same people may not realize is how their busyness affects their friends and family around them. Even though their definition of busy is positive, to their loved ones it translates as selfishness, not being top priority, and not wanting to connect. Through the power of ginger ale, Canada Dry hopes to break through the busyness epidemic and encourage people to start making time for what matters most: each other. All the feels. Is there such a thing as having your cake and eating it, too? We think Canada Dry might argue that at some point, something’s gotta give and you have to shift your mindset and your calendar to what you value the most. And they hope you pick love and relaxation.

For the reckless drivers...

SwirlNotes: Meet Safe & Sound - Toyota’s new app to help parents control their teen’s driving habits. How? Every time they speed or try to use their phone on the road, it automatically switches to their parent’s Spotify playlist. Helloo oldies.


This new app is just genius all around. For one, it helps keep teens safe in the car. Because we all know that they are not the smartest drivers out there. But even better, the app was born out of a simple truth: for teenagers, the threat of embarrassment is far more severe than the threat of injury. With the app, parents can add any song they want, no embarrassment levels set. Now that’s a pretty great tactic if you ask us. Safe driving practice for the kids, peace of mind for the rents. Nice work, Toyota.

For everybody workin' for the weekend...

SwirlNotes: JetBlue sees us deliriously staring into our computer screens, bags under our eyes, slowly slipping out of our chairs, under our desks, curling up in a ball. With their most recent campaign, they use a collection of corny office souvenirs to say "YOU need a vacation."


In a recent research effort, JetBlue uncovered that 91% of people attribute a good chunk of their best memories to being on vacation. If we shed a different light on this nugget, one might also wonder, where are the mediocre memories being made? At the office, JetBlue says. With their new line of workplace mementos, like a blue coffee mug with “Let’s circle back on that.” written on it or an HR scented candle that smells like a three-ring binder, JetBlue saw an opportunity to comically address an unfortunate reality: Americans rarely vacation. People are less inclined to allow themselves a breather from the fast-paced nature of work to enjoy meaningful experiences outside the office. With the cheesy, yet relatable copy on the souvenirs, JetBlue puts a smile on their prospects faces, but they also encourage them to go ahead and book that flight to Croatia. Sources say it's beautifully underrated.


Storytelling is always fun, but it’s even better when you storytell AND sell.