The Swirl: August 22, 2016

For those of you who have been with us since Day 1, we're happy to announce that you're currently reading the 30th edition of The Swirl. We'd like to invite you to have a piece of cake and/or glass of champagne today to honor it, cuz you know we will. In this edition: the science behind clothes, the truth about faucets, and a really tall tale.


"There is no innovation or creativity without failure." - Brene Brown

P.S. If you haven't seen her Ted Talk, book 20 minutes in your calendar to watch it for some inspiration this week.


People say that you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at what they're wearing. How they're feeling, what's going on in their life, and what they value. AKA why a lot of people wear red to take the SATs and sport jeans to work on Friday. Uniqlo Lifewear, a Japanese-based apparel company, just released their first campaign last week. And instead of focusing on quality or value of clothing, they emphasize how it makes us feel and why we make outfit decisions. You're going to want to watch this spot. Mainly because it's so intriguing and bound to spark your curiosity, but also because the voiceover will help soothe the Monday scaries.


All brand campaigns should be grounded in research. There's a reason why we choose certain products and services. It's called psychology, and it's also the reason why a logo is a certain color or a tagline catches your attention. While most brands translate the scientific talk into consumer-speak, Uniqlo hits it right on. It's a new angle in the apparel category, and we love it. Basics are basics, but this campaign shows that Uniqlo thought hard about their knits and what we really need. Seems like the *perfect fit* for the next time we need a tee.


Fun fact: the average American washes their hands 9 times per day. Whoa. But it turns out we use faucets for a lot more than just that. Moen's new TV campaign, "Buy It For," gives this everyday object a new meaning. Turns out faucets and fixtures can be fun. The spots feature authentic real-life moments, like giving a newborn a bath in the sink and spending some quality time with your furry friend in the morning. All. The. Feels. The main point: faucets play a pretty big part in our lives. In fact, they are integral to some of our most special moments.


We use faucets and fixtures every day of our lives without thinking twice. They've become so common that we've nearly forgotten them. At least until now. Moen's new spots have reminded us that picking a faucet brand is more important than you think. They take an emotional route compared to competitors that steer more towards functionality. And it definitely catches our attention. The baby feet and cute pups don't hurt.


We're pretty sure it's an ad person's dream to see a crazy idea for a commercial successfully come to life. Well, if you're on Team Johnsonville, then your dreams might have actually come true. We've seen the brand debut their outlandish TV spots featuring car chases, forest friends, and horror movie spoofs all dreamt up by its employees. However this time, it's an elaborate story of a different variety. Imagine for a moment: the Santa Claus for brats. Johnsonville has been celebrating National Bratwurst Day for three years now, and what better way than with the man, the legend, Carl the Great Bratsgiver. They even went so far as to illustrate a children's book that tells his tale, so you know it's real.


Plenty of brands are hopping on the trending topic train, especially when it comes to #national (read: made up) holidays, but you won't find many creating a mascot to tie their brand to the celebration. And what's even better is that the character is developed by those who love the product the most: the employees. The fact that the ideas come from within creates a sense of transparency and a connection with the target audience, even if it's by being the most outlandish sausage brand out there. Most importantly, they own who they are, and they stick to it. This effort is one more to add to the books. We can't wait to see what crazy thing they come up with next. In the meantime, have a brat.


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