The Swirl: August 21, 2017

In case you missed all the hype, the day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: the solar eclipse. What to expect: for a few minutes during the peak, the moon will (almost) completely cover the sun and the sky will go dark. Dun dun dun. If you’re in Charlotte, plan to make your way outside around 1pm. It begins at 1:12 p.m., will peak at 2:41 p.m. and end at 4:04 p.m. But if you plan to watch it go down, be sure you have NASA approved spectacles for protection. To tide you over ‘til then: house items, defense, and empowerment.


44% - the percent of millennials that see their pets as starter children. And 1/3 of those who have already purchased a home say they were influenced by the need to have more space for a dog. I think it’s safe to say that the fur baby economy is here.

For the interior decorator at heart...

SwirlNotes: Cost Plus World Market is talking to you. Literally. The home goods brand tapped HGTV’s Nicole Curtis to help bring personalized - like down to how and where you live personalized - furniture suggestions to ‘small space owners.’ Creepy? Kinda, not really. Clever? Definitely.


You know when you look at a room in your home and there’s just something… not complete about it? We can definitely relate. And so can Cost Plus World Market. This campaign, which includes TV spots, digital and mobile, in-store displays and direct mail, is aimed at twentysomething urban dwellers moving into their first or second apartment and empty nesters who are tryna downgrade. Don’t freak out - they weren’t data mining and peepin’ in your peep hole to find out what people like. They went ~old school~ and sent out a survey that asked people to opt in and share their info. That way the brand can offer up super relevant recommendations, in the hopes that the chosen ones appreciate the effort and close the deal. S’cute and smart. Win-win.

For those with a cracked iPhone screen...

SwirlNotes: You might want to get an OtterBox. Turns out they are so protective they can even defend Peyton Manning. Because now that he’s retired, he doesn’t have the protection of a huge offensive lineman anymore. See what they did there?


OtterBox is releasing this campaign right before NFL season kicks off. And while it might seem like an odd celeb choice at first, there’s a fun tie to the idea of "protection." The Mascot, Ollie, is determined to keep Manning safe. And if you’ve ever had an OtterBox before, you can admit that these cases truly do an awesome job at defending your precious phone. In this case, Ollie is defending Manning from annoying fans and burnt marshmallows, but we all get the main point. They demonstrate their main benefit in a fun, engaging way. Not to mention the good timing. Time to ditch your pretty plastic case for one that will actually work.

For the girls who run the world...

SwirlNotes: For the past few years, Procter & Gamble’s #LikeAGirl campaign for Always feminine products has ALWAYS succeeded at tugging at our heart strings, but more importantly, asking us to take the young girls seriously. The brand’s latest addition to this iconic campaign addresses one of teen girls’ major internal battles: fear of failure.


The insecurities flooding young girls’ minds when going through puberty are paramount. During this time, they become more aware of their identities, physically and mentally, and the daily objective is to simply feel comfortable in their own skin. What makes matters worse is that with this self-awareness comes self-doubt. Constant comparison ensues, and all of a sudden, girls aren’t free to be themselves because being themselves could mean failure. In this recent 80-second spot, Procter & Gamble empowers young girls to think of their failures as growing moments that make them stronger. While one misstep could mean rejection, the ad encourages young girls to realize that the biggest failure is not trying in the first place. Who needs a tissue?


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