The Swirl: August 14, 2017

It’s been a big week in Charlotte. JBiebs gave us a nice sighting AND Jordan Spieth was in town. Win-win. We hope everyone had fun attending and watching the PGA Championship. Now it’s time to focus again. In this edition: sensory ads, tiny homes, and mattresses made for millennials.


ASMR (n.) - autonomous sensory meridian response. In simpler terms, a tingling or euphoric feeling people experience when they hear certain sounds. Say whut? Yes, it’s a real thing. And brands are now trying to use it to evoke feelings from their consumers.

For the college students...

SwirlNotes: There’s nothing better than the classic dorm room - small, cramped, and lacking any opportunity for personal space. How are you supposed to relax in that after a long day of class? No need to worry. Ikea has all of the solutions, and they’re hoping their latest spot will help you calm down just by watching.


We’re going to take a wild guess that most of you did not watch the full 25 minutes of this ad. And some of you were maybe even weirded out by it at first, but the idea behind it is so cool. Rewind to our word of the week. Remember how people feel a certain way after hearing certain sounds? This is an exact demonstration of that. Nothing is better than clean, soft sheets, and there are sounds we associate with that. The point of this ad is to make that connection with consumers - to make them feel happy and relaxed about their product. We’ve never wanted to go back to a dorm room more. Talk about creating experiences. This takes consumer psychology to a new level, and we expect more brands to follow.

For the tiny house hunters...

SwirlNotes: Ever heard the phrase "less is more?" Nestea is on a mission to make this their new thing. Earlier this year, they underwent a major brand overhaul as they move towards simpler recipes. And to make it even better, they built a tiny house that encapsulates the new Nestea image.


Tiny houses are the new craze, and this one does not disappoint. But more importantly, the whole idea of it fits perfectly with their new brand. There’s nothing more simple than a tiny home. And everything from the interior decorations to the outdoor corn hole remind you that sometimes, the simpler the better. Experiential tactics can be hard to master, but Nestea kilt’it. They distributed over 39,000 bottles during this campaign, and received over 99,000 engagements across social and digital efforts. That’s what we call experiential done right.

For those pesky millennials...

SwirlNotes: Millennials say ‘who needs sleep when you’re livin’ the dream?’ Sleep Number says think again. They know this target needs a full 8 hours to recharge and sustain their eagerness to experience life to the fullest. With their new innovative It mattress, sleepers can change the firmness of their mattress using Bluetooth technology using their smartphones or tablets. Peterson Milla Hooks produced this quirky campaign to market the mattress that can change as fast a Millennial’s coffee order.


Millennials want it all. *Hey this is Mariel, I’m a Millennial and can vouch* Our obsession with productivity keeps us moving forward, but we also value opportunities to push ourselves with new experiences. We define our individuality as the ability to be many things at once. PMH’s campaign featuring retro-60’s inspired video spots and out-of-home piece understands this millennial mentality and positions the It mattress as "the bed that you can change as you change." Sleep Number’s new product fits into the fluid Millennial lifestyle, but its digitally-connected features also ensure that Millennials keep traveling at the speed of light. PMH successfully aligned the advantages of this new technology with the emotional perspective of Millennials, and it shows.


Who said it: Kanye West or your creative director?