The Swirl: August 7, 2017

It’s the interns' last week, and we’re really sad. Cheers to all of you for doing some really great work, but most importantly contributing to the Swirl. Come see us again soon! In this edition: grumpy old men, wedding crashers, and a B2B play. WORD OF THE WEEK

Bot Providers (n.) - an automated tool that many micro-influencers and small businesses use to generate followers, likes, and comments for their social posts. Recently, there’s been some controversy on what’s more important: vanity or authenticity?

For the kids at heart...

SwirlNotes: Go-GURT is still a thing, and it’s back just in time for the school season. The brand’s new campaign features grumpy old 4th graders who can’t believe how easy the 3rd graders have it this year. Why? Because Go-GURT now has an EZ Open, and they’ll never understand the pain of hard-to-open containers. So long yogurt explosions.


Go-GURT’s whole idea is to keep kids going. Turns out hard-to-open packaging doesn’t exactly fit in with that brand promise. We love that Go-GURT is staying true to who they are all the way through packaging, and we think parents will too. Not to mention these spots are hilarious. They’ve brought this simple change to life through ads that we can all laugh about. Should out to Go-GURT for starting this school season with a good one.

For the single peeps who made it through wedding season...

SwirlNotes: What’s worse than draining your bank account on all your friend’s summer weddings? Not having a date to them. Hinge understood the single guests’ achey-breaky hearts, and that’s why they partnered with Snapchat to help users find a partner when love is in the air.


Dating apps give you access to endless potential mates, but they don’t replace the specialness of an in-person connection. Launched on July 22 and 23, Hinge rolled out geofilters for 25 weddings across 8 states featuring “The Single’s Table” with accompanying text asking “Where’s my date, Hinge?” With this effort, Hinge saw a 60% increase in downloads over the course of the wedding celebration. Hinge wants to counter the gamification efforts of competitors like Tinder and Bumble to encourage more IRL engagements for users. Online dating can feel cold and impersonal, so experiential efforts like this one aim at sparking more organic connections. So maybe next year, you’ll be the one getting hitched? LOL.

For the house flippers...

SwirlNotes: Say hello to your new favorite paint brand. Benjamin Moore just released a new ad for their high performance paint, Corotech, and we now know that this stuff will cover just about anything. Dry wall, steel, concrete - you name it.


There’s no better way to get your point across than by a little product demonstration, but building a massive demonstration of your own brand name is a new and bold move. Each letter is a different material and covered in Corotech paint. From playground slides to refrigerators, we’re now convinced that this paint will coat anything and everything. It’s a strong B2B effort, given that this paint can be used across a wide variety of industries. The letters will also debut in person at the IFMA’s World Workplace trade show this fall. We see what you’re doing there. Well done, Corotech.


If you thought a 15-second spot was short, think again. Much due to the shortening attention span of Americans, Fox is testing 6-second ads during the Teen Choice Awards this week.