The Swirl: July 17, 2017

Woof. Summer is officially in full-blaze, and we’re feeling the heat. Cold brews on tap please! Take a minute to cool off with this edition of Swirl. What to expect: workout inspiration, family vacays, and productive relaxation.


Emoji Search (v.) - using emojis to find what you’re looking for in a search bar. Also the latest way brands are investing leftover budgets. The reason why? According to Kayak, it’s "because spelling things is so 2015."

For the overachievers...

SwirlNotes: Nike has reached new extremes. Their most recent iteration of "Just Do It" features athletes taking training to the next level. Like handcuffing themselves to faster runners, sending cars over cliffs, and setting off alarms. All of this to avoid what some would call the easy way out. AKA going to the gym to sit on a bike and watch tv. Guilty.


While these scenarios are ridiculous, we’ve all had those days where we’d much rather walk than run. Getting comfortable with where we are is a common practice, but Nike has just reminded us that there is always room to improve. They are trying to banish the easy way out, and we’re feeling inspired. Sometimes it takes a friendly reminder when we get stuck in those comfort zones. Nike is known for challenging the athletes in all of us, and these crazy ads may have just hit that point home the most. Who wants to go run a marathon?

For those in need of some R&R...

SwirlNotes: JetBlue is on a mission to make family vacations happen. For their most recent video, the brand invited 10 kids into a "Little Tickets" store to purchase well-deserved vacation trips. Because sometimes getting away is easier said than done.


There’s no denying this video is adorable. Hearing the kids talk about their dream vacations in Albany, NY and stating a bathroom as a "must-have" to their trip has us cheesin’ over here. But more than anything, JetBlue is positioning themselves as a brand that enables those cherished family vacations. It’s not always easy to afford or make time for a trip, but their special vacation packages can help you make it happen. We love the way this vid promotes their partnership with Utrip (JetBlue Vacations) in a subtle, charming way. It resonates with today’s busy, time-stressed parents perfectly, and they even gave the kids packages for prices they thought were appropriate. Shout out to JetBlue to giving some well-deserved parents a $4 trip.

For the Monday morning slumpers...

SwirlNotes: IKEA wants to set the record straight. Relaxation ≠ Laziness. In this debut spot of IKEA’s “Relax Into Greatness” campaign, IKEA depicts a lion chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool in his living room. Rawr. But it’s not all rest & relaxation. There’s a method to his process.


With this new iteration of their “Wonderful Everyday” campaign, IKEA wants to address today’s ‘always on’ culture. IKEA believes that relaxation isn’t a guilty pleasure, it’s a necessary activity to live your life to the fullest. In this spot, you see Lion watching TV, reading a book, and even stretching it out with some yoga. And then, right when you think he couldn’t get anymore tranquil, he is bombarded by a herd of celebratory young children ready for a birthday party. You realize: the Lion is a father who needed to take a breather before getting back to his Dad duties. We all deserve a moment to recharge, and what better place to do it than the living room. In some comfy IKEA furniture.


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