The Swirl: July 11, 2016

JK, but we wish. To help you cope, what we’re serving up in this edition: the lumberjack look, everybody loves beer, and the newest Chipotle gig.


Algorithm (n): the set of rules or circumstances that define usage in a social platform. It’s why you see certain posts first and why brands (usually) get rewarded for great content. Facebook is the latest platform to make changes.


Just because you look like a lumberjack doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a lumberjack. Hence the term lumbersexual. A beard, plaid shirt, and work boots might fool some people, but Dinty Moore is on a mission to prove that this newest version of a lumberjack isn’t always as handy as they seem. The hearty-meal brand just released a social campaign in an effort to get #moorejacks to eat their food. And the videos that go along with it had us in belly laughs at our desks. They feature everyday urban guys learning real lumberjack skills. Or trying to. Let’s just say axes and tools aren’t their friends.


This is what you call good humor. The campaign isn’t cheesy, overdone, or forced. More than that, it makes Dinty Moore relevant in modern times. AKA adaptability at its finest. The brand, introduced in 1935, was named after a real lumberjack and has managed to stay up to date by keeping up with current trends. Lumberjacks may be on the decline, but that doesn’t mean the rugged look has died. We just have to work on those skills now.


Choosing a beer in a store aisle is almost as overwhelming as picking out a wine bottle these days. The options are endless and competition is steep, but that isn’t stopping the newest player on the street. Meet House Beer, the up and coming no frills beer brand that sticks to simplicity to stand out. They just released their first ad, and the concept more or less plays fun at some of the ridiculous craft beer messaging out there. The main point: House Beer isn’t pretentious or complicated. There’s just one type, and you can drink it time and time again without worrying about how filling it is or what it says about you.It’s the perfect beer, and nothing less.


Specialty beer is one of America’s fastest growing consumer products, but with so many different options out there, the category has gotten extremely cluttered. And most of them are doing the same thing. Hint: seasonal brews and a lot of messaging focused around craft. It’s refreshing to see such simplicity and the approach definitely differentiates House Beer from its competitors. Bonus points for a beautiful website.


Chipotle has definitely had it’s fair share of the limelight in the past year, but this time it’s more of the positive variety. Last week, the restaurant chain premiered its latest animated film, "A Love Story,"" where two drink-stand kids take a childhood rivalry to the big leagues of restaurant ownership and the mass production issues that come with it. You can probably guess what happens next. Spoiler: love, health and fresh ingredients conquer all.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Chipotle express their dedication to cultivation. Remember Back to the Start and Scarecrow? A Love Story is lucky number three, and between this film and their recent loyalty program launch, it seems like Chipotle is doing everything it can to reiterate their true mission: cultivating a better world. It’s timely given the strict scrutiny the brand has been under lately. The lesson here: no matter how bad PR gets… Chipotle has shown that when there’s a will there’s a way.


Twenty-first century marketing is all about purpose and shared missions.