The Swirl: June 26, 2017

Officially one week until our favorite holiday full of cookouts, sparklers and pride for our country. Get ready to rock your red, white and blue. In preparation of the celebration, we’ve got: real mom talk, no boys allowed, and motivation to save dat money.


Lion (n.) - a ferocious cat with a shaggy mane. Rawr. Also the most sought after award in the advertising industry, distributed every year at the International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France. Wanna see which brands and agencies won big this year? Check out the shortlist here.

For the moms tired of being judged...

SwirlNotes: Yoplait hears ya. Unfortunately, being a mom today comes with a lot of shaming thanks to social media. But women are getting tired of it, and so is Yoplait. Their most recent campaign, “Mom On,” aims to stop putting women down. Enter judgment-free zone here.


Yoplait has recently fallen victim to a sales slump. With new organic brands out the wazoo, they are having a hard time trying to keep up. Turns out most women feel brands don’t represent moms very well in advertising. Probs because they portray them being perfect. Yoplait does the exact opposite, and that’s what we love about this spot. Not only does it provide a more realistic view on motherhood, but also empowers moms to keep on doing what they’re doing. No mom is perfect, and we think this notion will connect with women much better than some of the other efforts we’ve seen. You do you.

For anyone who's ever been jealous of a 'man cave'...

SwirlNotes: Enter - the She Shed. Fiber One’s new female take on the room that’s just for guys. Picture: fluffy kitties, comfy chairs and all the chocolatey bars you could ever indulge. Snack on, ladies, snack on.


Aside from having the catchiest name in the history of names, Fiber One absolutely crushed it with the concept of the She Shed. Sign us up, like yesterday. We’re immediately transported from our couches (read: desks) to an imaginary land full of peace, love and silk robes - and let’s all agree that’s one happy place to be. The insight is simple: just like Dad, Mom deserves her own sanctuary where she doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Especially when to comes to eating her 90 cal treats. It’s her world and we’re just livin’ in it. May she eat in peace.

For the guy that's opting out of the office 401(k) policy...

SwirlNotes: E*Trade’s looking to give you a little kick in the pants. Don't get mad that the dumbest guy in high school got a boat - get E*Trade. So you can, too.


Upon first glance, you might mistake this spot for the sequel of The Lonely Island’s I’m On a Boat. One can dream. Instead, E*Trade is fueling the middle class fire by encouraging them to catch up to the uber rich. Pretty funny if you ask us. This is part of E*Trade’s attempt to move away from their iconic baby, and we think it’s a great way to reinvigorate the brand (no offense, Kevin Spacey). Getting people to invest can be tricky, but these spots from E*Trade might be just what people need to start putting those pennies in the bank. Rather than making you jealous, they encourage you to take a positive action and turn your own finances into that yacht life. Dolla dolla bills yo.


As ya know, the Cannes Lions festival was last week. Check out this Gillette spot that won gold. Cue the tears and the Kleenex.