The Swirl: June 19, 2017

ICYMI, yesterday was Father’s Day. Should out to all of the dads for everything that you do. We hope everyone showered you with love and new socks. We love you all so much that we’re dedicating this edition to dad spots. What to expect: a clean shave, fresh flowers, and trendy underwear.


91% - the percentage of dads hitting up YouTube at least once a month for both "me time" and for tips on parenting. Think assembling children’s products, preparing meals for their children, and helping their children learn.

For the Google pros...

SwirlNotes: Gillette’s got a different advice column in mind. This year for Father’s Day, the brand wants sons to ditch Google and ask dad instead. Turns out 84% of guys turn to their phones for information, compared to just 13% that go to their dads. Say whut?


Kids these days have a weird attachment to their phones. But hey, don’t we all? Smartphones have become a part of our daily life, and while they are great in so many ways, they can often take time away from real conversations with the rents. We’ve been told mom and dad know best, but this spot by Gillette really brings this message home. Hate to break it to all of the search engines out there, but you just can’t beat advice from dad. This is year two for the "Go Ask Dad" campaign, and we haven’t gotten tired of it yet. Thanks to Gillette for the genuine reminder that dad is always there for you.

For the last-minute gift giver...

SwirlNotes: Maybe flowers aren’t a bad idea for Dad. Interflora - the same day arrangement delivery service in the UK - has a new spot out just in time for Father’s Day. The premise: a messy kid with a plan in an laundromat. Wink, wink.


Usually flowers are for dance recitals and Mother’s Day - but Interflora’s got a new idea for the bouquet. This spot is targeted at the daughters (hint: because allegedly they’re more likely to remember Dad’s special day) and hits us in the feels. I mean, how cute that the kid *purposely* gets dirty just to plan a not-so-surprise romantic run-in for his old man? Swoon. The insight? There’s been an increase in single families, and the focus is almost always on the single mom, leaving single dads behind. Who says men don’t deserve flowers, too? Thx for spreading the dad love, Interflora.

For all of the sons...

SwirlNotes: We’re sorry dads - according to Gildan’s latest spot, you don’t have the best taste in underwear. This Father’s Day, they are encouraging millennial men to learn from Dad’s mistake and switch up their style. Welcome to the modern boxers v. briefs debate.


Gildan has titled this campaign "Not Your Dad’s Underwear." If that doesn’t make you look twice, we don’t know what will. It definitely catches your attention, and that’s the point. As a challenger brand, Gildan is using this effort as a way to increase awareness and drive sales among millennial men. Given this group can be pretty hard to attract, we think this bold statement might be just what they need. Thanks for giving us a laugh. And for reminding us that we can learn so many valuable lessons from dad.


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