The Swirl: June 13, 2016

Anyone ever wondered what the difference is between a display ad and a banner ad? We've got your answer. In this edition: cake, cake, cake, making a difference, and donuts for the win.


Display advertising (n.) – a type of online advertising that comes in several forms… including banner ads, rich media and more. Unlike text–based ads, display advertising relies on images, audio and video to communicate the message.

There you have it, friends. A banner ad is a type of a display ad. So whichever way you've been referring to "that shoe ad that keeps mysteriously popping up in your browser after shopping for summer sandals," you're probably right.


If you're like us, with your birthday comes a reminder that you're one year older, and *maybe* one year wiser. It's also an excuse to drink wine at lunch for a week.

In honor of the most popular birthday week of the year here at Mythic, we wanted to share a birthday themed vid that will hit you right in the feels. If this doesn't make you want to call your parents and thank them for life, or at the very least buy yourself a birthday cake, we don't know what will. Nice work, Publix.


Even though it's already a year old (lolz no pun intended), Publix really hit the nail on the head with this spot by leveraging a timeless theme of family connection and growing older. Life moments with family – whether it's getting married, having a baby, graduating, spending time at Christmas or celebrating another birthday – never go out of style, so if you can pull the consumer in by tapping into personal, relatable experience, you're more likely to get them where it matters: their heart strings.


The pink ribbon serves as one of the most recognizable symbols for breast cancer support. What started with a race for survivors has turned into an international symbol of awareness, support, and strength. It's powerful, moving, and educational all the same. And that's exactly what Fundatia Renasterea, a cancer charity in Romania, wanted to achieve with their most recent campaign. What a lot of people don't know is that there's a high rate of depression among women who lose their hair during cancer treatment. More than that, wigs for Romanian women are extremely expensive, leaving them with limited options. The solution? With the help of McCann, Fundatia Renasterea came up with a haircut that quickly became a trend. The style, known as ‘Brave Cut,' is now helping thousands of women get the wig they've always wanted, while also raising national awareness for the cause.


The campaign has resulted in more than 2,400 hair donations and 650 total wigs. All with no media budget. That's right – the project relied solely on influencers. One popular presenter getting the style on live TV turned into thousands more. But it's not just about the influencers. They also found a way to make donations more tangible. Getting the haircut is a way of showing that you're making a difference. It's a style that's instantly recognized and respected. Instead of putting a card number into a donation online, consumers can feel and see the difference they've made every day. Plus spread massive awareness at the same time. You go Fundatia Renasterea. You go.


America is no longer running on Dunkin'. Well, not exactly, but you can expect to see less of their decade–old tagline. This past week, Dunkin' Donuts introduced it's new campaign featuring the tagline "Keep On." According to the brand, the new platform is not a fresh start, but rather an evolution of its "American Runs On Dunkin'" campaign. More than anything, it aims to celebrate positive energy and make an emotional connection with viewers. The spot features upbeat scenes that celebrate every day as a chance to do something amazing. Think surfing, 97th birthdays, skydiving, and more. The main message: keep on being you. So you now have a reason #keepon eating a donut a day. Or a dozen.


The new tagline takes the focus off of the brand and turns it on the consumer. "Keep On" is all about celebrating and honoring customers, something that was missing from their previous campaign. It's only been out for a week, so it's hard to tell if consumers like the new approach or not. Only time will tell, but here's what we do know: even though Dunkin' Donuts' previous tagline was working, they recognized a problem and made an effort to optimize for further success. Even if your current campaign is working, there's a good chance you can find a way to make it better. How do you think chocolate glazed was invented? Just sayin.


These spokespeople ain't loyal. Verizon's "Can You Hear Me Now" dude is now on team Sprint...and he's not denying it.