The Swirl: June 5, 2017

It’s our favorite month of the year. June = the start of summer, and while we still technically have a few more weeks until it’s official, we give you permission to start celebrating early. Here’s to flip flops, watermelon, and beers by the pool.

In this edition: young adults (literally), TV drama, and "Lt. Dan, ice cream!"


Branded Radio Station (n.) - customized brand Pandora stations that immerse listeners in a branded environment, including curated display, video, and audio messaging. Also Propel’s latest attempt to win over sports drinks fans.

For the children at heart...

SwirlNotes: The Evian babies are back. This marks the brand’s seventh iteration of the "Live Young" campaign and it truly never gets old. This time, the babies are wearing oversized, adult clothes. Cuteness overload alert.


Almost any ad with babies in it is likeable, but Evian continues to impress us with their ability to keep this campaign fresh. While the main message - youth lies within each and everyone of us - remains the same, this particular campaign puts the babies in a new light. By showcasing them in a variety of adult clothes, we see just how easy it is to live young. Whether you’re a business professional, athlete, or fashionista, it’s easy to cherish the youthful spirit. Props to Evian for finding new ways to communicate this message. And new channels. Keep an eye out for the 'Oversize' Snapchat filter coming June 10. Stay young friends.

For the TV addicts...

SwirlNotes: Spectrum is throwing some serious shade with ghouls and monsters on poker night. Looking at you, DirecTV Now. Ammunition includes: no pause, no rewind, no Showtime and no CBS. Oh no they didn’t.


We all know Time Warner Cable has been put through the ringer over the years, but since the merger with Charter Communications, Spectrum has tried change the conversation. With monsters. Last month, the telecom brand showed us a softer side of the monsters riding the train and talking about weekend plans, and this new spot illustrates them in a more laid back setting - playing poker. The banter alone is TV worthy, but the tactic here is much more than funny one liners. It’s leveraging the characters to highlight Spectrum’s advantages over the competitors: first satellite TV and now calling out DirecTV in particular. Bold move. Expect two more spots where these came from, the dirt slingin’ ain't over til it’s over.

For the Jack McBrayer fans...

SwirlNotes: You might know him as Kenneth the Page on 30 Rock, but he’s now Baskin Robbins’ newest spokesperson and he’s saying, “yes please!” Things that make him happy, make us happy. Ready, go.


Really nothing makes us more happy than the sound of Kenneth’s giddy voice, and couple that with on screen images of ice cream and puppies and you’ve got a match made in Cookies n’ Cream heaven. We love they way the brand uses Jack’s iconic voice and sandwiches their products in between other happy things like small pig, balloons, and Nana. If these videos weren’t enough, the brand plans to run mobile ads during sunny weather and geo-targeted ads when viewers are near a Baskin-Robbins location to encourage viewers to stop by and get some ice cream. Sign us up.


No seal is safe for Shark Week.