The Swirl: May 30, 2017

Yup, that’s right - only four days ‘til the weekend. We hope everyone enjoyed their day off. Huge shout out to those who have served our country - we truly appreciate everything you do! We’ll celebrate by showing off our red, white, and blue.

In the meantime, we’ve got: running shoes, mom-spiration, and a battle of the phones.


Data Lake (n.) - repositories where large chunks of multiple types of data are stored in their native format. In other words, an efficient way of storing massive amounts of information. It’s main benefit is that it allows analysts to quickly run through millions of data points.

Why does it matter? Big data is big talk these days. But it’s only helpful if you can do something with it. Data lakes are becoming the preferred solution, given their ability to see how everything works together.

For the marathon runners...

SwirlNotes: If you thought print ads were limiting, think again. Asics just got techy with their latest print effort, and it’s uber cool. By leveraging thermochromic paint, they’re helping people find the right running shoe. Basically all you have to do is tear out the ad and step on it. Then, your body heat will reveal the shape of your footprint. Mind = blown.


Asics just won some major points in the customer experience category. Instead of just trying to sell shoes, they’re using their knowledge to help consumers make better informed choices. It’s pretty genius, if you ask us. Not only does it pair you with an Asics shoe, but it also ensures that you’ll (most likely) be happy with the choice you make. And avoid injuries caused by poor running shoes. Win-win.

For the bo$$ moms...

SwirlNotes: Special K wants moms to ‘own it’ - from juggling their parenthood responsibilities, their careers, their free time, and their cereal and snack foods.


This new campaign is super authentic and showcases real moms living their real lives. We all know life’s not always rainbows and unicorns, and with this spot it’s clear that Kellogg’s isn’t afraid to pull back the curtain and show it. There’s nothing more real than taking off your bra on the couch and eating cereal straight from the box. Cuz YOLO. The brand’s new tagline “Own It” seeks to inspire women to embrace the choice they make with confidence - especially when it comes to eating. Talk about some serious female empowerment. Who run the world?

For the Android loyalists...

SwirlNotes: Apple’s got a text message for you. In their new 15-second spots, the brand encourages Android users to make the switch from their old smartphone to a new iPhone with side-by-side comparisons. Basically saying, this could be you, but you playin.


These spots definitely take “Mac vs. PC” to another level and visually demonstrate the difference between what you have and what you could have with an iPhone. Speed, security and the ease of switching brands ring loud and clear. Time will tell how successful Apple is at stealing back any share from Android - because usually you really love one or the other (*cough, Team iPhone, cough*). Nonetheless, these spots do a great job of demonstrating iPhone’s proof points in a digestible, fun way. Call me, beep me.


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