The Swirl: May 23, 2016

The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest. That's why we have Swirl. In this edition: the millennial stereotype, stock photos that aren't cheesy, and did someone say butter?


"Nothing worth having comes easy."


Millennials, Gen Y, echo boomers - whatever you want to call them, it's hard to go a day in marketing without this group coming up at least once. Why? Because they are massive and have tremendous spending power. Everyone wants them, but there's just one thing standing in the way. It's called stereotyping, and it's doing more harm than good. Brands are obsessed with millennials, but marketers who target the group as a whole aren't getting the bite. Gen Y is getting fed up, so much so that mentalities are changing and they themselves are starting to reject the label.


What brands fail to recognize is that millennials make up a wide age range. Eighteen to 34 that is, meaning millennials are also in the most transitional point in their life. Some are graduating, others are starting a family. They want and need different things. Approaching them by life stage will be much more effective. Because it's not so much about demographics, but rather how their time has shaped each life stage. If you can identify mindset and pain points this way, you will most likely win. Need somewhere to start? See what post-grad life is like for millennials here.


We've all seen cheesy stock photos. Like these happy workers>, or this chick who's a little too excited about salad. They often get a bad rep, but Getty Images miraculously found a way around it. They've always had brilliant campaigns, but their most recent is particularly genius. It's titled "Endless Possibilities" and it couldn't be more fascinating. Think four famous faces, each constructed by using Getty's stock-art database. The end products are flawless. From Prince Charles to Pope Francis, it's hard to believe that you're not looking at the real thing.


Not only does the campaign showcase the amount of Getty images available, but it also highlights their variety. If they have enough images to make up different famous faces, they probably have what you need too. For any project, any day. It may have taken them months to test different images for this campaign, but it was probably worth it. Because they've now demonstrated that they are a key role in the creative industry. Slow clap for you, Getty.


It's hard to go wrong when it comes to butter and cheese. Who doesn't love that goodness? If you thought it couldn't get better, think again. Land O' Lakes just released their most recent campaign, and it's bound to warm your heart. FYI, not in the comfort food way - more like the tear jerking way. The spots, print, and digital work focus on the butter product and feature the tagline "add a little good." The main message: any act of good is always worthwhile. They've extended the campaign across social using #AddALittleGood to encourage acts of kindness. Because it's never a bad thing to make someone smile. Bonus points if it involves butter.


Some might argue that the campaign is a bit too sentimental for the product, but the messaging is spot on. Just like an act of kindness can make someone's day, a little touch of butter can make your pancakes infinitely better. The tagline is relevant to the product, but also scalable. One of the keys to engagement is providing consumers with content that is relatable. And adding a little good can be applied to everyday life. Maybe you'll think twice about closing the elevator on someone today. Don't forget to hashtag that.


There are certain advertising words that drive consumers crazy, and "millennial" is only one out of five.