The Swirl: May 22, 2017

Five more days until a long weekend. That should be enough inspiration to get you through this Monday. Safe travels to those of you who are taking a little road trip. To prevent inbox overload on the holiday, we’re saving next week’s Swirl for Tuesday. We’ll see everyone then in their white jeans. In the meantime, we’ve got: yoga, men in pink, and Play-Doh creations.


Delivery QSR (n.) - Mobile ordering and delivery of Quick Serve Restaurants. Meaning McDonald’s fast food model is about to get faster and thirty is the new Freshman Fifteen.

The Golden Arches is taking cues from Starbucks, Postmates, GrubHub and UberEats as they explore mobile ordering, a rewards program and delivery services. The strategy is expected to expand their long-terms sales at least 5% by 2019 and McHelp the 2016 slump that occurred, despite the launch of all day Breakfast menu.

Consider your McFlurries shaken up.

For those who love yoga pants...

SwirlNotes: Lululemon just released their first global campaign with a new vid. What to expect? Less traditional yoga and more everyday activities. From surfing, singing and everything inbetween, Lululemon showcases how yoga can be translated into other pursuits. So zen.


Lululemon has a strong reputation among the yoga community, but those that have other passions may find it harder to drop $100 on a pair of leggings. We think showcasing a variety of activities is their attempt to be more inclusive. Because yoga involves more than just going to a class. It can be practiced in almost everything you do. This spot is a nice twist to the typical cliche yoga ad. They’ve made their specialty aspirational and accessible. So next time you need some athletic gear, remember that Lululemon is there for whatever you enjoy in life.

For the guys that like to wear pink...

SwirlNotes: Axe is back with their latest attempt to smash stereotypes. The campaign, "Is It Ok For Guys," showcases how men privately struggle with masculinity. The spot features questions guys often ask themselves (or Google), but not out loud. Things like "is it ok to wear pink?" And most importantly, "is it ok to be little spoon?"


Axe is on a mission to break stereotypical definitions of masculinity, but if you flash back a few years, you’ll remember that they haven’t always been this way. They actually used to encourage male stereotypes (example here) until they repositioned in 2016. This latest effort just confirmed that their shift in marketing communications isn’t going away anytime soon. And we’re big fans, especially because this is a huge problem most people don’t know about. Turns out 72% of guys have been told how a real man should behave and 59% believe they should act strong even if they feel scared. All of the questions featured in the spot were pulled from real Google searches. So yeah - this is happening. Shout out to Axe for bringing awareness to this and for letting guys know that it’s ok to wear pink.

For those who wish they could be a kid again...

SwirlNotes: Play-Doh is talking to big kids now. For their 60th birthday, they’ve released a series of print ads that not only showcase our favorite Play-Doh colors in gorgeous works of art, but also remind us (yes, adults) to dream again.


Don’t get me wrong - these ads definitely speak to kids too. But there’s a deeper message within each of them. As Play-Doh says, the older we get, the more we focus on problems rather than solutions. Each ad in this series serves as a friendly reminder that almost all adults can relate to. They address big kid topics like race relations, environmental disaster and technological innovation and encourage parents to teach their children the power of positive values. Yes, we may be far from feeling comfortable about a head transplant, but beautiful things happen when we dream. HBD Play-Doh. We’ll dream big to celebrate.


Bill Gates gave a graduation speech via Twitter, and it did not disappoint. If you’re searching for a summer read (or just need some inspiration), he recommends The Better Angels of Our Nature.