The Swirl: May 8, 2017

We realize we're a bit early, but is it ever too early to show some appreciation for the mamas of the world? This week we're going all in on brands celebrating moms in the hopes you don't forget to do the same. Psst.. in case you missed the cues: Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 14. In this edition: maternal instincts, mom-inspired tats and swearing like a mother.


Frork (n.) - french-fry fork. Yep, literally a fork made out of fries.

McDonald's created this...contraption... to meet the need of frorking(?) up sandwich droppings as you eat. A real problem? Probably not. But it is definitely an invention designed to hype their new Signature Crafted sandwiches. With the purchase of any new sandwich, you'll get a free Frork. From all-day breakfast and updated McNuggets to three Mac sizes, this is yet another way McDonald's is dedicated to raising the bar.

For the super protective...

SwirlNotes: There's nothing a mom does better than protect her little ones. And Lysol's new campaign speaks just to that. The opening spot, "Protect Like A Mother," features fierce maternal instincts from some of our favorite safari friends. No one messes with mom.


This might seem like an odd fit for Lysol at first glance, but the messaging ties it all together. The tagline, “what it takes to protect,” speaks perfectly to what Lysol does. It's a nice way to connect their germ-fighting abilities to the more emotional topic of parenting - and what it takes to protect. Not sure about you, but we prefer this to the classic germ jargon we get from a lot of cleaning brands. Way to humanize, Lysol. But more importantly, huge thanks to all of the moms out there who have spent their lives protecting us.

For the brave, yet sentimental...

SwirlNotes: There's a card for that. American Greetings - a brand recognized for their Mother's Day work (remember World's Toughest Job?) - debuted a new spot that has a little different tone than in the past. What to expect: a girl in a tattoo parlor with a card and a memory.


In a day and age where letters in the mail have been replaced by texts, emails and Facebook wall posts, a card is a rare and meaningful gem. If you're like us, you might even save the cards that mean a lot to you. There's just something special about a handwritten note. Especially when it's from someone you care so much about. What's so powerful about this spot is the display of raw emotion and illustration that sometimes, a card is more than just a card. It's a memory that you want to preserve forever, and in this case, in ink. Here's your reminder to go buy a card. Your mom will appreciate it more than a text.

For the sailor mouths...

SwirlNotes: Kraft Mac & Cheese just got real. Instead of going the heartfelt Mother's Day route, they're celebrating the holiday by capturing hilarious parenthood fails. AKA swearing in front of your children. S**t happens, but there's Kraft for that.


Being a mom is hard work. And frustrating moments sometimes result in a few curse words. In fact, 74% of moms have sworn in front of their kids. That's higher than dads if you were wondering. But all parents make mistakes, and that's why we love this effort so much. The promotion, "Swear Like a Mother," comes with a microsite that provides limited quantities of fail-cancelling earplugs and a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Because no mom should have to cook on her special day. Shout out to Kraft for reminding us that no one is perfect.


Sorry for all of you who thought you were getting a free swimsuit this week. Turns out SunnyCo didn't really think through the giveaway details. And now they don't have enough to give you. Here's what you can learn from the social media fail.