The Swirl: May 1, 2017

Things we’re not about: the southern humidity that’s already creeping into the weather forecast. Welcome to May. Things we are about: all the guac and margs to cool us down. Bring it on Cinco. Before we flee to Margaritaville, we’ve got: beers aimed to unite, the perfect ingredients for family bonding, and just the upgrade you've been looking for.


May Day (n.) - May 1, celebrated in many countries as a traditional springtime festival or as an international day honoring workers.

Other than a phrase that’s said in the movies when something is going terribly wrong, did y’all know that May Day is a for real holiday? Traditionally, it involves dancing around a maypole with ribbons and a lot of flower crowns. Sounds a lot like Coachella if you ask us… but we digress. Today is also known as International Workers’ Day, a labor holiday filled with protests fighting for fair work accommodations. One definitely feels more festive than the other, but either way, feel free to get your celebration on.

For those who think opposites attract...

SwirlNotes: Heineken has set out to prove it. The brand took two polar opposite people and inserted them into an experiment setting. After a short amount of time, they started to feel a connection, and even a spark of true friendship. But once that trust was established, they were jolted by pre-recorded videos of each other strongly opposing the other’s beliefs. Then they were given the choice to walk away or stay and hash it out. Over beer, of course.


In the wake of Pepsi’s faux pas feat. Kendall Jenner, the world needed a little reminder of what powerful advertising looks like. And if we’ve ever seen it, this would be it. The core message of the two commercials is more or less the same: uniting people over a beverage. And while Pepsi tried to leverage Black Lives Matter iconography to imply that their soda can heal what hurts, Heineken took the high road. Instead, the beer brand encouraged actual dialogue - with actual people over influencers - as the more mature and responsible way to make peace. It’s a much needed reminder that no matter our political or cultural views, at the end of the day we’re all people. And we have a lot more in common than we think.

For the Latin parents...

SwirlNotes: Nachos aren’t Latin food. Football isn’t futbol. And quinceanera > Sweet Sixteen. Latinos don’t want their kids to lose touch of their culture and heritage, and Goya’s got a way to get their kids back. Muchas gracias.


America is great for a lot of things: freedom, football, and great foods. But it’s also a melting pot of cultures that can’t stand to get lost in the mix. This spot was built on a powerful insight: moms and dads in Hispanic families feel that they are failing at preserving their culture, especially in their children’s lives. Cue the lightbulb moment: food is at the core of the Latin American heritage and a perfect way to reconnect with their roots. So as the maker of authentic ingredients inspired by this type of cuisine, Goya is a natural fix to the problem. Fire up those kitchens, and maybe swamp the nachos for something like this.

For anyone who needs an upgrade...

SwirlNotes: Intel has been on a pop culture kick, and they just released their newest spot in the celeb series. This time it’s Serena Williams, and her tennis performance is not what we’d expect from the super athlete. Probably because she’s playing with an outdated tennis racket. Go figure.


Just like an old tennis racket can get in the way with performance, an old processor can slow you down. Get it? Intel wants you to upgrade, and after watching this spot, we think we will. We’re most impressed with the way Intel continues to leverage celebrities. Instead of using them for the sake of it, they’ve used people like Michael Phelps and LeBron James to humanize their brand. Trying to talk about technology without getting “techy” can be tricky. Seems like comical celeb situations is the perfect fix. Especially when they clearly communicate your key message. #Winning.


That moment when you walk out of the mall and can’t quite remember where your car is. You’re in luck. Google Maps will now let you save where you parked, so you’ll never forget. Or at least not have an excuse to.