The Swirl: April 24, 2017

In case you missed it, Earth Day was Saturday. Just a friendly annual reminder to recycle a bit more. Here’s your chance to see how many LaCroix cans you can save this week. In this edition: powerful photos, monsters, and home buying.


Clips (n) - Apple’s new camera app that lets users shoot and edit social videos by combining video clips, photos, and music, and then share them seamlessly on all social networks. Pretty much like Snapchat filters, but better.

For the photographers out there...

SwirlNotes: Dove wants more people to pay attention to the photos they use in ads. Their most recent effort, Image_Hack, portrays women in non-stereotypical ways. AKA less Daisy Dukes and more mechanics. Even better, they targeted advertising agencies to kickstart the movement.


Dove never fails to impress, but this campaign is a true example of how a small budget can go a long way. They chose to use $10,000 in media spend to upload pictures to stock sites. And then alter their algorithms so that anyone who searched the site would get results for realistic pictures of women in today’s society. So next time you search “beautiful woman,” expect to see some images of women boxing, working, and more. Dove also leveraged outdoor ads outside of major agencies (hint hint) to encourage them to use these new images and join the movement. Only time will tell if the effort works the way they intend, but we think it has serious potential. Smart move Dove.

For the Halloweeners...

SwirlNotes: Monsters are the new stars of Spectrum’s latest ad. Turns out they’re not so scary. The spot features classics like the Grim Reaper chatting about their everyday lives. Pretty funny stuff, especially when they start complaining about satellite TV.


What could be more evil than monsters? A bad satellite dish. Seriously - there’s nothing worse than losing your signal in the middle of a good game or GOT episode. And that’s Spectrum’s main point. Like they say, "TV that cuts out in the rain is evil. Spectrum is reliable." This spot is one of three to follow, and we can’t wait to see more. The creativity of the ad makes it stand out among the crowd. Plus, they didn’t lose site of the main message. Thanks for giving us a good laugh Spectrum.

For the house hunters...

SwirlNotes: Trulia just released their first national TV ads since its acquisition by Zillow two years ago. And the campaign, "The House Is Only Half of It," probably rings a little too true for anyone who’s ever bought a house. The main point: the neighborhood you pick is just as important as the home.


Trulia’s new campaign is timely given rising interest rates and short supply of properties. But more than that, it’s also an attempt to differentiate the company from the larger Zillow brand. Trulia’s sweet spot is about the neighborhood and community of people - understanding the area around a house. Great for those who are tired of noisy neighborhoods and late night wake-up calls. We think these spots communicate that message well. And hopefully consumers will start to understand the differences between the two brands.


Starbucks released a unicorn Frappuccino last week, and we couldn’t be happier about this mythical treat. Welcome to the unicorn food trend.