The Swirl: April 18, 2016

In this edition: uncovering truths, something about watermelon, and the power of zero–click ordering.


Marketer of the Year, n.: the biggest award Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity gives out every year; Samsung is taking home the prize for 2016.


We've all been there – rushing out the door with coffee in one hand and three bags in the other. Props to you if you've mastered the morning routine, but turns out most of us haven't. Forget homemade breakfast and power yoga sessions – Organic Valley just released a commercial aimed to uncover what mornings are really like for professional women. And they are far from what's usually portrayed. Think dry shampoo, unmade beds, and a lot of swearing. The spot is hilarious, but more importantly, it uncovers a truth that most of us can agree with.


For some reason, most commercials portray women as leading perfect lifestyles. Organic Valley turned to research to address this disconnect, and what they found became the main focus of their campaign. Turns out hectic lives are much more common than the perfect ones. While research is often overlooked, it's actually one of the most important parts of a campaign. Stats and numbers don't always have to be boring. As you can see here, Organic Valley is using them to revolutionize the way ads portray a morning routine.


Last week 800,000 people spent nearly an hour waiting for a watermelon to explode online. The video has now attracted more than 10 million views. Did we mention that #watermelon became a trending topic on Twitter too? You're probably wondering how something so silly gained so much traction. It all started with this thing called Facebook Live – a tool most brands have been hesitant to try. But after witnessing the success of Buzzfeed's watermelon stunt, I think it's safe to say that Facebook Live deserves more attention. Between Periscope and Snapchat, there are many different ways to capture live moments, but we're seeing a lot of success recently with the newest player in the field. Brands like Benefit, iHeart Radio, and Dunkin Donuts are turning to Facebook to provide consumers with live content, and the turnout has been more than compelling.


We know – new things can be scary. Facebook Live was introduced less than a year ago, but the waiting game is over. Brands are seeing tremendous success, and it's time to get on board. Something Facebook has that many other live platforms don't is scale. It has the potential for greater reach, and who wouldn't want that? Plus, consumers don't expect live moments to be perfect. If you're looking to capture trending topics that are relevant to your brand, Facebook Live is probably worth exploring.


Imagine a world where you could order pizza with zero clicks. JK. Thanks to Domino's, it now exists. Meet the Zero Click ordering app: the place where pizza lovers can place their most frequent order by simply opening an app. Once you're there, not one click is required unless you want to cancel it. We've seen Domino's come up with several other digital offers, like emoji ordering, but this one might top the list. The hardest part requires linking your Domino's profile to the app. The rest is history. Pizza for life.


This effort by Domino's is part of a larger trend today. It's called mobile order–ahead apps, and we've seen brands like Starbucks and Taco Bell use it to intensify customer loyalty. It works because it removes a major annoyance for a lot of people: entering payment info. But even more, ordering that's this simple increases impulse purchases. Happy customers + increase sales = win.


Agencies are now offering concierge services at work.