The Swirl: April 17, 2017

How many Reese's eggs are too many? Asking for a friend. To cure your chocolate hangover, we've got… more foods. In this edition: burritos, burgers and bacon.


90 million - the number of chocolate bunnies made each year for Easter. That's a lotta bunnies.

For the burrito lovers...

SwirlNotes: Chipotle is back in the campaign game with their biggest effort yet. Spoiler alert: no scarecrows or animations this time. The spots feature people getting real in burrito therapy instead. Get ready to laugh. For real.


While Chipotle does have some of the best burrito bowls out there, they've had a rough past couple of years. Sales have taken a hard hit following E. coli scares, even with that added guac you get every time. And while animations have been successful for them in the past, it's clear that Chipotle is tackling their recent issues with a new angle. The brand ditched its previous, more serious tone for a take on the humorous side of life. The key message? Everything inside of a Chipotle burritos is real. Real confessions, but also real ingredients. Hopefully free from E. coli this time. Guac on.

For the technology obsessed...

SwirlNotes: Prepare for this commercial to talk straight to your Home, not to you. In Burger King's newest ad, an employee admits that 15 seconds simply isn't enough time to talk about their burger. He motions the camera forward, and says, “OK, Google, what is the Whopper burger?” End scene.


The original ad doesn't do it justice, so we've dug up an example of how this ad comes to life after it's over. You'll notice the device perk up and start reading out the Wikipedia entry for the Whopper burger and then go silent again. Invasive… or ingenious? BK hopes that consumers will get a chuckle out of the ad, instead of getting creeped out that the brand is essentially hijacking their personal device. We're not sure if this stunt is enough to spike burger sales significantly… but it's certainly created a lot of YouTube buzz. I mean, 75,000 views in the matter of 3 hours? Not too shabby. We respect the innovative thinking and relevant insertion of the brand, and think this is a prime example of leveraging a novelty tech item for all it's worth. Ya know, before the next cool thing comes around the corner.

For the baconholics...

SwirlNotes: Get ready for a whole alphabet full. Oscar Meyer tapped the perfect food artist to cook up the brand's own porky font for your messaging pleasure. Nom nom nom.


It may not be available on Microsoft Word yet, but you can start sending delicious messages by logging into the Baconversation (get it?) message generator on the brand's website. Because what's better than the bacon emoji? A bacon font. And while it seems like such a simple idea, it's pretty genius. Whether or not you are a part of it, there is a true bacon lover community out there, and they like to talk about bacon. A lot. Oscar Mayer just made their daily conversations even better, by surprising and delighting the community that loves it the most. Winning.


Some are saying that branded stickers will become the new emoji.