The Swirl: April 11, 2016

In this edition: the data scaries, social trends on the screen, and influencin'.


"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
-Aesop, ancient Greek storyteller

April is National Volunteer Month, and the Mythic team is dedicated to making an impact. From motivational posters around the office to a slew of "events" focused around serving the local homeless population, Mythic Olympics is just our little way of giving back.

Last week, we handed 207 sandwiches off to the Urban Ministry Center of Charlotte (pictured below). Follow along and show us some social media love with the hashtag #MythicOlympics. Better yet, hit your community with acts of kindness and get involved, too.


A couple of weeks ago, we talked a bit about geotargeting... that thing that gets people all worked up about "big brother" because brands can target you when and where you are. But fun fact, one study shows over 70% of consumers across the world say that they would be willing to share their personal info with brands in exchange for coupons and discounts. Better yet, 60% say it's fair game, but only in exchange for compensation. And we get it, cuz money makes the world go round. Even though there might some anxiety over privacy issues, the ability for brands to use that data for greater good works because of its crazy potential for drastically improving consumers' lives. It's like they have ESPN or something.


Technology and data, when leveraged correctly, have an amazing potential to make our lives more efficient. It all starts with a deep understanding of what people need and how they feel. And that doesn't stop with getting people to share information. Another study illustrates that emotional campaigns outperform on almost every metric, including leads and conversions. But how? Appeal to emotion using psychological triggers, memorable experiences, visual storytelling, and social proof. Essentially, use emotion to create a connection. Moral of the story: if you dangle the carrot by hitting me in the feels and showing me the money, then I'll come running. Or at least give you my email address.


Do you ever find yourself drooling over foodie social accounts? There's a reason handles like @foodintheair and @infatuation are doing so well. Pictures of food are fun to look at, and brands are catching onto this trend. This past week, Sonic introduced their new #SquareShakes. Basically, milkshakes that can fit perfectly into an Instagram square. And TGI Fridays just kicked off their new campaign, ‘Endless Apps' - a brand overhaul inclusive of a new layout, GIF TV ads, and even new menu items. As the CMO put it, they wanted food that was visually appealing and shareable. Not just on the table, but in fun graphic treatments, too. Yes, you heard me correctly. Sonic and TGI Fridays are now creating menus that are more focused on visuals than taste.


Social is innovative by definition, and it's not just limited to the platform itself. Hence the evolution of square shakes. Social is not just an extension of successful campaigns. It's now becoming a leading force in creative direction. Why? Because it's the perfect platform to test and learn. And once something sticks - like GIFs and square images on Instagram, brands take that as a cue to translate it to other platforms like TV… and even their menus.


If you thought Taylor Swift's dance moves were good, your life is about to get even better. In Apple Music's most recent ad, TSwift takes it one step further and raps her heart out to Drake. Did we mention she takes a tumble, too? We wouldn't expect any less from the star. You have to give her credit for being able to laugh at herself. But more importantly, since the celeb posted the spot on her social accounts, the featured song has increased in sales by 431% on iTunes. And the playlist shown in the commercials has grown 325%, making it the number 5 playlist of the week. Not to mention the 20 million Facebook and Instagram views. Watch out Scarlet - you've got some competition.



As evidence of this epic treadmill fail, influencer marketing has the potential to take your message further than you ever could have expected. There's not doubt tapping into celebrity's massive social following is an effective strategy. We know - it comes with a hefty pricetag. But it might just be worth it. A recent study found that influencer marketing is eleven times more effective than banner ads. Don't know where to start? Take this quiz to find out the influencers that can best support your brand.


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