The Swirl: April 10, 2017

Get up everybody and sing. Speaking of fam, expect your social newsfeeds to be full of brother and sisterly throwbacks today because it’s National Siblings Day. Consider this your heads up and a reminder to show some love. In this edition: bad ad backlash, the best happy hour and a workout pep talk.


Mastodon (n) - a large, extinct, mammal of the elephant family that lived during the Miocene to Pleistocene epochs. Awww, cute. And now also known as the cool kids' Twitter. Except that instead of Tweets, you send toots. Kinda weird, but apparently people really dig it. It’s a free and open source software (FOSS), and allows 500 character posts instead of just 140. Plus, individual toots can be private, so you don’t have to select your whole profile as public or private. That's yuuuge. Time will tell if brands start to hop on the social media network. Word on the street is that Walmart may already have.

For the "No, Pepsi is *not* the same as Coke" people...

SwirlNotes: You’ve got another reason to throw some shade. ICYMI, last week Pepsi released then proceeded to pull their new spot featuring Kendall Jenner who attempted to unite a diverse mix of artists, musicians and brunchers(?) over a shared love of the soft drink. And naturally, protesting.


Like a train wreck, we couldn’t stop watching and apparently, neither could anyone else. The Internet erupted and memes popped up everywhere in no time. We’re pretty positive that means it didn’t go well. Or did it? Pepsi’s campaign set out to resonate with politically charged millennials, which in theory is quite topical given recent series of events. Pepsi’s purpose was to project a message of unity, peace and understanding. No such luck. Instead, complaints started firing off that there wasn’t enough racial diversity or realistic police brutality, and why on earth Jenner of all people should be the face of such a charge. Hey, you know what they say… bad press still press. And peeps are definitely giving it bad press. Jury’s out on that. But maybe it was so bad that it brought us some good. For once, it actually united the Internet.

For the office party planning committee...

SwirlNotes: Bud Light makes happy hours more fun. Their latest spot features the classic coworker outing and the special bonding that occurs when you include Bud Light. Because there’s nothing better than a dancefloor showdown with your boss.


Earlier this year, Bud Light decided to reposition themselves as the brew for bonding with your buddies. Their debut spot, "Famous Among Friends," also took on a pretty humorous approach, and we’re not upset about this newest addition. The ad was directed by comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, which probably explains the laugh we got out of it. But what we love most are how relatable these ads are. Both spots capture humorous moments we’ve all been a part of at some point in our life. It’s a fresh approach compared to a lot of other beer brands that are playing up the craft game. Get your co-worker bonding on with Bud Light.

For the cycle groupies...

SwirlNotes: SoulCycle has a new anthem, and it’s bout to pump you up. What to expect: instructors who are fresh off the bike and asking you the big things like why you’re here and who you want to be. If that doesn’t inspire you to get up off the couch and hit the gym, we don’t know what will.


If you haven’t had the chance to experience a SoulCycle class, you’ve probably at least heard someone rave about it. And now we know why. People love the class because they shift the focus to finding personal purpose. AKA soul. The brand has spent the past couple of years trying to open up as many locations as possible, and with 74 locations, they’ve now decided to increase awareness outside of word-of-mouth efforts. This is SoulCycle’s first brand campaign, and they couldn’t have found a better way to get people familiar with their name. The spot highlights everything they stand for and what makes their brand unique. Timely, given rising competition from other boutique fitness studios. Find your happy place.


Look out sports, sprints aren’t just for running anymore. Design sprints, a timeline tactic that condenses the number of project working days, help put guardrails in place and force teams to crank out work in a shortened period of time. Sustainable? Maybe not. Effective? You betcha.