The Swirl: April 3, 2017

Yesterday marked the start of the Major League Baseball season and for the baseball fans out there, that means a lot of long games are in your future. For the rest of you… maybe just a lot of hot dogs and beer. In this home run edition: a new fast food marketing play, April Fool's fun, and flying high.


0.01% - the percent of ESPN March Madness brackets that accurately predicted the Final Four. We know that your bracket is probably not looking the best, but what would the tournament be without some upsets? Don't miss the final game tonight.

For anyone who doesn't believe sex sells...

SwirlNotes: You and Carl Sr. have something in common. Carl’s Jr. - the fast food chain notorious for marketing scantily clad ladies eating burgs - is leaving that philosophy behind. Enter: fictitious characters Carl Hardee Sr. and Jr., the father-son owners, in a 3-minute saga where it becomes apparent that daddy knows best. Sorry Junior, it’s out with the old and in with the new. That's actually old.


Entertainment factor aside, this extended video is a fantastic public service announcement that openly admits to the brand’s old ways of marketing. It also serves as a stake in the ground on the brand they want to grow back into. One that’s rooted in their history and how they first began. Carl’s also opted to update the logo and tagline to match the new vision and emphasize the impact the brand has had on the burger industry over the last 50 years. Burger and fries, anyone?

For all you fools...

SwirlNotes: There’s a good chance some of you were subject to classic April Fool’s day jokes this weekend, including commercials for fake products. It’s one of the best holidays to add some humor to brands. Quilted Northern snatched this opportunity to "release" their new uSit device. Basically a FitBit for your bathroom habits and the newest way to track personal data.


There were a lot of brands that participated in April Fool’s this year. We’re sorry if you got your hopes up for Whopper toothpaste or Chlorine perfume, but chances are you won’t find these anywhere. So why would a brand spend so much money to advertise a fake product? It has to do with this thing called relevancy - tapping into trending topics and connecting with consumers on a timely basis. April Fool’s is a time for brands to showcase their creativity and make their audience laugh. Smiles never hurt, and we definitely got that from Quilted Northern. Joking about tracking devices let us see a fun side of their brand. A side that not only gets toilet paper, but gets us too.

For those who wish they could fly...

SwirlNotes: Ostriches wish they could fly too, and it looks like that could be a possibility now. To accompany the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the brand put together a new spot that gives these flightless birds wings to soar with the help of virtual reality. And a little motivation from Elton John too. Our day just got so much better.


Reminder: Samsung had a hard time this past year. Their Note 7 exploding batteries caused a lot of scare on airlines. Not to mention a lot of bad PR for the brand. This spot gives some new light to Samsung. And their key messaging, "do what can't be done," probably isn't a coincidence. This is their attempt to overcome a bad rep and get back on the right track. We think this film is a step in the right direction. Whoever thought ostriches could be so inspirational? If the S8 can help them fly, count us in. Well done, Samsung. Things are looking up. Thanks for giving us the tools to achieve what can't be done.


Looks like Snapchat has a new competitor on the street. Facebook just added stories and filters in hopes to make the biggest social media platform even bigger.