The Swirl: April 2, 2017

So for those of you who have not yet discovered the new and improved Queer Eye on Netflix, consider this your official PSA to binge it out. The show, originally titled Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, premiered on Bravo in 2003 featuring five gay men with expertise in five areas of life: fashion, food & wine, personal grooming, interior decor and culture. Now, the show is back and more heartwarming than ever with a new cast. If you asked us for our favorite, we wouldn’t not say it's JVN. In this edition: snappin’ sistas, the picture perfect gallery wall and stock photos for a great cause.


Cambridge Analytica (n.) - a British political consulting firm that combines data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process. Also the firm hired by President Trump’s campaign in 2016, and that acquired access to private data from 50 million Facebook users that could identify their personalities and ultimately, influence their behavior. Major breach. Now, the FTC is launching a full on investigation into the Book’s privacy practices. Consider Zuckerberg’s tail between his legs. He’s really really sorry.

For anyone about to book their summer travel...

SwirlNotes: This new dynamic duo strongly suggests you do it with Orbitz because it’s as easy as book, earn and go. When they book, you book. Just like that.


Planning travel (and honestly the travel itself) can be more stressful than Instagram makes it look. From researching a location and price shopping to booking excursions and extending your stay, there’s a lot that goes to a vacation. These blue-suited ladies are here to show (in 15 seconds no less) that Orbitz not only can help you with all of these tasks in one place, but will also reward you in real time as you do it. That means you can use your rewards towards the trip you’re currently planning if you want to, and not forcing you to wait for a later date. Snaps all around.

For the Project Runway fans...

SwirlNotes: You won’t be surprised to know Tim Gunn knows what’s up with a gallery wall. Make it work.


Command is out with MC Hammer and in with fashion guru Gunn, replacing “hammer time” with his signature phrase, “make it work.” On the show, it’s meant to inspire designers to keep going with their ideas, and the brand is repurposing it here to motivate consumers to get over their picture-hanging fears. From experience, we know it’s all about measuring twice and cutting once, but with Command Strips, it’s gotta be easier than ever. Plus with the confidence that you will do no harm to your walls. Win-win.

For the photographers...

SwirlNotes: Getty is removing it’s iconic watermark for a good cause. Instead of seeing the brand name pasted on their images, you’ll see “Watermarks for Water,” a collection featuring 300 photos from some of the best photographers. The purpose is to illustrate the hardships people face when they don’t have access to clean water. Prepare to be wowed.


Did you know that more people die from drinking impure water than from war? We didn’t either. This was one of the key insights that drove the initiative. It’s such a powerful statement, and the way they bring it to life is beautiful. The video highlights the power of photography - and how simple it can be to change the world. Sometimes, as easy as a watermark. You can learn more, check out the photos, and donate on their microsite.


In addition to creating stellar content (like our new fave mentioned above), Netflix has created its own custom font, obviously called Netflix Sans, that will hopefully save the company millions in font licensing fees.