The Swirl: March 27, 2017

March Madness is officially in full swing. How are your brackets holding up? The Mythic pool has a nice jackpot lined up for the winner, so fingers crossed our upsets go as planned. Not likely. In other lineup news, we've got: a classic remake feat. pizza, some home inspo, and a tear jerker.


Design-thinking (n) - an approach that draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning that can be used to consider issues and resolve complex problems. Turns out we could use a few lessons from cats on this.

For the Ferris Bueller fans...

SwirlNotes: You're in for quite the treat. Literally. In their newest ads, Domino's recreated iconic scenes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off to promote their delivery tracker. In the place of Matthew Broderick, you might recognize the lead character - Joe Keery - from Stranger Things. The resemblance is faint, but the scene replication is on point. If you need a reminder, here's the original. Bueller...


Domino's is no stranger to innovation and pop culture plays. Think social listening leading to a recipe revamp, text ordering with pizza emojis, and hilarious branded Tweets. It's all paid off too. Domino's stock has outperformed top dogs like Google, Facebook and even Apple in the past decade. Don't believe us? Domino's stock purchased in 2010 has grown 2000% to date. TWO THOUSAND. That's a lotta pizza pie. Compare that to a 500% growth in Amazon, and even less for the others. Crushing it.

The new Ferris Bueller ads highlight the tracker technology seamlessly in a perfect combo of cultural relevance, humor and spot-on creative execution. It was definitely a smart move on the brand's part to partner with Paramount Pictures to ensure this remake could happen, and a surefire way to resonate with consumers who love the movie. Just one more thing to add to brand's list of major wins.

For those who appreciate a pop of color...

SwirlNotes: Sherwin-Williams just turned 30,000 paint chips into a captivating African jungle TV ad. The installment is part of their "Color Chips" campaign that has been running for quite some time, but these things never get old. It's like paint by the numbers, but better.


Believe it or not, the first video in this series debuted in 2010, so it seems like we're not the only ones who love it. Seven years later and they are still going strong. We think that's because Sherwin-Williams knows what people like about their products. It's not the paint itself that's exciting, rather the ideas a touch of color can inspire. These ads truly capture how color can bring things to life. Whoever knew paint chips had so much potential? The possibilities are endless - thanks for helping us dream Sherwin.

For the softies...

SwirlNotes: Angel Soft just added a touch of charity to their “Be Soft, Be Strong” campaign. In case you missed it, National Single Parent's Day was on March 21. The brand celebrated by helping out some deserving single parents - AKA paying rent or childcare for a year. Tear jerker alert. You might need a tissue for this.


National Single Parent's Day is probably not the most well-known holiday. In fact, the single parents featured in the video weren't even aware of it. But there's no doubt this holiday deserves some attention. Being a parent is hard work, especially when you do it alone. Angel Soft could have easily picked Mother's or Father's day for an effort like this, but choosing to celebrate this particular holiday demonstrates their thoughtfulness in their decisions. Finding and owning something unique made their work stand out. Plus, you can't deny the brand's commitment given their touching donations. Shout out to all of the single parents out there.


Two-day delivery just not cutting it? Enter: Amazon Prime Now with one- and two-hour deliveries. The brand hopes the service can help to eliminate that extra errand trip, so that you can spend your time doing things you actually want to do. Consider your to-do list checked off.