The Swirl: March 26, 2017

Believe it or not, Easter Sunday is just hoppin’ around the corner. And in the spirit of dyed eggs and goodie-filled baskets, we have two more bits of pastel-inspired news for ya. First up, raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by the Easter-colored bikes laying around your town? Well, Seattle is doing something about it with bike-sharing parking that keeps things nice and orderly, just in time for spring cleaning. And if that weren’t enough to put a little pep in your step, then this Crocs musical starring Drew Barrymore is sure to do the trick. Uh-dorbs. In this edition: hot chips, cash monies, and meatless Mondays.


Financial Gym (n.) - place where people can work on their money management like they work on their fitness. Upon your first visit, you’re assign a trainer and a custom plan for achieving financial fitness that takes your life goals, spending habits and income into account. For $85/month, Financial Gym will keep you accountable and issue a letter grade based on your progress. Goodbye robo-advisor, hello financial trainer.

For hot saucers...

SwirlNotes: If you’re one of those fire sauce fanatics, you’re going to be happy about this. Taco Bell is extending their hot sauce flavors (fire, hot AND mild) into a chip flavor. The best part? They will be available at grocery and convenience stores, so you don’t have to visit the fast food chain to get your hands on them. Hot diggity dog.


Taco Bell has been making some impressive moves lately. The Nacho Fries they released in January have been deemed their most successful new menu item to date, and now they are hoping to increase sales outside of the fast food locations. This isn’t a first for the taco chain. You can find their sauce in stores like Walmart and Target, but the chip innovation is pretty brilliant if you ask us. Sauce can last you a while, but a bag of chips only lasts 5 minutes max. You might want to buy three or four bags when you find them. This is a great example of how a brand listened to what their consumers like, and did something that will only make them more loyal. Hot sauce for days.

For any Venmo skeptics out there...

SwirlNotes: Can we introduce you to Zelle? That’s of course, if you already have a banking app… but like, who doesn’t deposit mobile checks and check balances digitally these days?


The big banks’ digital payment service is hoping its new, straightforward campaign convinces bank customers that they don’t need to go to the bank or download a money transfer app to split lunch or pay back a friend because the solution is already on the phone. Downloading an app on an already crowded phone can seem like a huge ask from a brand, especially if the user doesn’t immediately see the benefit. Add in the potential of paying for it? Heck to the nah. However, Zelle, which is already baked into whatever banking institution app you likely have downloaded, is mitigating any reason or excuse you might for not using it. According to Reuters, nearly 100,000 people sign up for Zelle daily. And that's on top of the 95 million already actively using it. After watching this fun, bright rhyming spot, Zelle might just earn a few more.

For the vegetarians...

SwirlNotes: Meatless Mondays just reached a new level. Greenfield, a natural meat company, just pledged to go meatless once a week, and launched an initiative to get others to join them. Pretty bold considering their company relies solely on meat for revenue. Tell me that doesn’t make you think twice about your meat habits.


Brief reminder: Meatless Mondays is a global movement that encourages cutting meat out of your diet once a week as a way to improve the planet’s health. Now that everyone is caught up, take a minute to let this sink in. It might surprise you that a meat company is willing to forego their own products for this cause, but that’s exactly what we love about it. It makes such a powerful statement, and definitely makes you rethink your habits. Greenfield’s site encourages others to take action too. Feel free to visit if you want to learn more about it, take the official pledge, or even share some pre-made posts to increase awareness. Yay veggies!


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