The Swirl: March 20, 2017

It may not feel like it (thx Winter Storm Stella), but today marks the first day of spring. Here's to being hopeful for warmer days ahead. For now, we can only promise to warm up your brain and get your creative juices flowing. In this edition: a cute-ish PSA, gettin' silly and the newest flagship store.


82% of kids living in Netflix-only households have no clue what commercials are. What the what? Time to start exploring non-traditional methods.

For the jingle lovers...

SwirlNotes: This one might get caught in your head. The Real Cost - the anti-tobacco organization that brought us the graphic, almost not-safe-for-TV, convenience store face peel spot - created a new campaign. Only this time in the form of semi-cute (but still a bit morbid) mini clips.


"Little Lungs in a Great Big World" illustrates the kind of the setbacks and hardships that teen smoking can have on your lungs as you go through life. Like struggle bus skiing and major hand burn rope climbing. Not good. But this isn't your average PSA. What's truly innovative in what The Real Cost has done is they've elevated their message by toning down the total shock value. This campaign comes to life as a cross between Tic Tac's Little Adventures and Dumb Ways to Die, and uses fun illustrations to tell a quick story that is equally as powerful. It speaks right to the heart of the teen audience by painting a picture of what life could and will be like if they light it up.

For the clean eaters...

SwirlNotes: Between crazy costumes and odd habits, there's no denying that kids can be weird. Horizon Organic just released a new spot that celebrates these wacky antics. Because weird is great, just not in food. Get silly.


This is the first brand film we've seen from Horizon Organic. Previously, they've focused on specific products through print ads. Looks like that approach is changing for 2017. This spot shows a much more human, real side to the brand that we think almost any parent can relate to. Smart, given that the presence of organic brands is ramping up. Horizon is trying to keep their spot as the leading organic dairy brand, and there's a reason they put kids at the center of the campaign: to catch the attention of the ultimate decision makers. And there's not much out there that parents love more than their wacky, unique kids.

For those who enjoy a nice cold brew...

SwirlNotes: It's official - Yeti finally has a store. Our favorite koozie company is bringing coolers to a whole new level with its store opening in Austin, TX. What to expect? A seriously authentic retail experience that features local reclaimed wood and a bar so you can shop with a cold drink. Very clever.


We're not talking about just a cool place to showcase the $350 coolers. Yes, it's a retail experience that brings the brand aesthetic and personality to life. But more than that, the Yeti flagship is intended to serve as a tourist attraction and destination that people actually would want to hang out in after walking the streets of downtown Austin. The bar and patio deffff don't hurt. So next time you hit up the 512, be sure to check it out.


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