The Swirl: March 19, 2017

Good times are just around the corner. Regardless of some surprise snow showers last week, tomorrow marks the first day of spring. That means it has to start getting warm, right? Let’s just hope so. High temperatures are always welcome here. In this edition: a new polo shirt, feel-good coffee, and an, uh, interesting way to promote tourism.


Age of Assistance (n.) - the idea that people expect their shopping experiences to be frictionless, personal and helpful. And we don’t necessarily always mean face-to-face. These days, when it comes to investing, people are turning to their phones and laptops as a first stop for information on what or if they should invest. Once they’ve gathered some thoughts, they may take the process offline, and start a real conversation with an advisor. Because of this shift in consumer behavior, brands need to embrace this fluidity between offline and online and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

For the polo poppers...

SwirlNotes: There’s a new polo out there that you’re going to like. Lacoste just introduced 10 new shirt styles that replace the iconic crocodile patch with a new species. Think turtles, rhinos, tigers, and more. Here’s the catch - only 1,775 exist. That’s because the new patches represent endangered species, and they only made enough shirts for how many specimens still exist in the wild.


Purpose and doing good is not new for brands, but we love how unique this effort is. It’s a great brand fit, and swapping out the logo patch is genius. Not to mention the limited number of shirts available. For example, there are only 30 Vaquita shirts for sale. What a great way to make an impact and increase awareness about a pressing issue. Shirts purchased support the International Union for Conservation of Nature. We’d tell you to get yours fast, but they already sold out. That’s what we call a big success. If you’re still interested, you can learn more about it on their site.

For the Greatest Showman fans...

SwirlNotes: Prepare to see Hugh Jackman in the most positive spotlight of all. His coffee brand, Laughing Man Coffee, launched a new campaign celebrating its mission to deliver premium coffee and give back to the farmers who produce it. Win-win.


We’ve seen other brands like Toms and Warby Parker follow this model of giving back and succeed. But what’s great about what Hugh’s brand does, is giving back to the people who make the business even possible: the coffee farmers themselves. Plus, the new campaign aims to illustrate how the brand is changing with the times (like making the pods recyclable), and with consumers’ expectations for coffee to be distinct and super-premium. Tbh, until know, we didn’t realize the actor was the laughing man behind this Keurig Green Mountain brand, but love that he’s plugged in not only on the big screen, but in our everyday lives, too. Makes us like him even more. Swoon.

Anyone looking for domestic travel plans...

SwirlNotes: Add Oregon to your list? At first glance you might think you’re watching a kids’ movie... but instead, it’s Oregon’s new campaign promoting itself as a tourist destination. Only a slight difference.


Oregon may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about a summer vacation, but if this doesn’t pique your interest at least a little, we don’t know what else will. We’ve heard they have great wine, but looks like they have a lot more to offer as well. Even though the spot (just slightly) exaggerates things, it’s so different than the traditional tourism spots we’ve seen. The animation and playfulness give the ad a friendly and happy feel, which is exactly what the state hoped to achieve. Even if you aren’t an outdoorsy person, you might want to be one now. Who else will be scoping out flights to Oregon sometime soon? If we’ve gone MIA, you know where to find us.


South by Southwest was last week, and the activations didn’t disappoint. If you weren’t able to make it, you’re in luck. AdWeek captured their walking tour in a video that ranges from baby goats to robotic dogs.