The Swirl: March 13, 2017

If you didn't notice, the time changed yesterday. That means it won't feel like nighttime when you leave work today. How bow dah? Cheers to a few more hours of daylight. Find something fun to do outside. Until then: a star-studded PSA, clothes that say hello, and workout motivation.


Zoom (v.) - 1. To move or travel quickly. 2. To change *smoothly* from a camera's long shot to a close-up. Also the newest fad on Instagram these days. Brands are getting followers to really read the fine print by encouraging them to zoom in on select features in their photos. Essentially, it becomes a text-based scavenger hunt until a final message is revealed.

Of all the brands who've jumped on this bandwagon, we think @DennysDiner takes the (pan)cake. Because who doesn't like pancakes.

For the super ambitious...

SwirlNotes: Prepare to be inspired. In honor of Women's History Month and International Women's Day last week, The Tory Burch Foundation tapped a slew of celebs to promote its newest initiative: Embrace Ambition. The goal? To demolish the negative stigma attached to "ambition" and acknowledge it as feminine - even sexy. And what better way than with a cast of A-listers like Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington and Jon Hamm? Ow ow.


For a moment, you might mistake this to be some Covergirl ad promoting a new beauty product. It's definitely got that vibe. But as the 90-second spot plays on, you start to get sucked into the real message: ambition is sexy, and we should *all* embrace it. The Tory Burch Foundation made a very strategic play by tapping both male and female influencers to make the message about more than just women - it's about everyone, our sons and our daughters. Everyone is strong, everyone is powerful. And we all deserve to dream big. It's inclusive and touts equality in a really engaging way. Plus, the celebs don't hurt. We definitely agree with Reese. Ambition is the farthest from a dirty word. Aaand now we feel inspired to go conquer the world. How's that for some #MondayMotivation?

For the fashion forward...

SwirlNotes: You might give Old Navy a second look. Their new spring launch turns "high fashion" into "hi, fashion!" and is a creative departure from their more recent celeb endorsement escapades. Instead, expect a more fun, put-a-spring-in-your-step reminder that all pants, jeans and tops are 40% off.


This campaign is a brilliantly creative way to own "fun" as a fashion statement and shows consumers that amidst all the doom in gloom in the world, at least fashion is still fun. We think it's a bold move on the brand's part to start inching away from spokes-influencers like Amy Schumer, Elizabeth Banks, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (because who can forget when she tried to rob Snoop Dogg for a milli). There's no denying that strategy was super effective and served them well. However, now the brand is taking a step back to reevaluate its creative future, which we admit can be hard to do. Kudos. So how do we feel about where did they landed? This lighthearted, back-to-the-basics (and dare we say J.Crew-esque) look and feel revisits their roots and establishes them as fashion's "fun" brand that doesn't take themselves too seriously. We buy it. Swirl suggestion of the day: make like Old Navy and brighten someone's day with a friendly smile and a "hi."

For the Orange is the New Black fans...

SwirlNotes: Netflix now has a personal trainer. Yes, you heard us - you can now workout with motivation from your favorite Netflix characters. Because who doesn't want to run to the voice of Taystee or Red?


Don't get too excited yet. Netflix's personal trainer device is not for sale. It's actually a DIY kit, and you'll need about 40 items to complete the unit. Way too technical for us, but you have to appreciate their dedication to user requests. The personal trainer is part of their "Make It" project, where Netflix takes invention ideas from Netflix fans and makes them a reality. Apparently binge-watchers don't mess around, and they want Netflix in every part of their life. Including things like socks, doorbells, and now their workout routine. The requests and ideas might seem ridiculous, but this is just one more way Netflix has chosen to show that fans are at the heart of their service. That's what we refer to as "knowing your audience." And that's how Netflix wins.


Wish meetings could run more smoothly? Amazon agrees, and recently acquired startup with the hopes of doing just that.