The Swirl: March 12, 2017’s Jess! Yes, we do love New Girl, but there’s another girl that recently made her break. Welcome Jane Walker, Johnnie Walker’s new female mascot. Similar to the lady-friendly Doritos, there have been mixed reviews about Jane, but the new figure was released at an appropriate time given it’s Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day was last week. More to come on that below. In the meantime, just a fun reminder that daylight savings is about to make your week so much brighter. Get pumped. In this edition: girl time, brewskies, and a new mantra.


Creative Bravery (n) - an approach to creativity where experimentation is key, and where constraints are only opportunities to make the impossible possible. Today, it’s the price of entry for brands given consumers’ lack of attention and heightened expectations..

For the gals...

SwirlNotes: International Women’s Day was last week, and there were a lot of brands participating in the conversation. Looks like brands aren’t the only ones talking about this. Google put together a little video to celebrate the big day that showcases just how many gender equality conversations are dominating the search engine.


There’s no doubt gender equality is a hot topic today, and the Google video is just one example of how brands are demonstrating their commitment to raising awareness and making a change. Barbie unveiled dolls based on women heroes, McDonald’s flipped their logo to look like a "W," Budweiser is honoring their female employees, and so many more. The point is that this topic is not going away, and consumers are appreciating brands that are voicing their dedication (in the right way, that is). Time to get on board. #GirlPower

For the light beer enthusiasts...

SwirlNotes: Coors Light is doing away with their more emotional marketing campaign, "Climb On." Turns out light beer drinkers prefer ads that talk more about the product and less about overcoming challenges. As a result, the beer brand is going back to their traditional advertising that encompasses the famous 'world’s most refreshing beer' line.


Emotional marketing has been all the buzz lately, with experts claiming it’s the way to go if you want to resonate with your audience and build lasting relationships. But Coors Light saw a 4% drop in sales when they made this shift. Eek. Looks like there’s a time and place to get emotional, and light beer may not be the best fit. Because who really wants to get serious when they are just trying to enjoy an ice cold crispy with their friends? Here’s your reminder to take a deeper look at your audience and figure out what they really want.

For the HTGAWM fans...

SwirlNotes: Get ready for Annalise Keating narrating a much calmer, inspirational setting: the Delta runway. Expect to be transported to the exciting moment(s) right before take-off, but not in the literal sense. Instead, think passing through a bridge of sheep, over a long table by the water, and above an EDM concert. Understandably out there, but just go with it.


What’s interesting about this spot is that you barely even see a plane, which they reserve for the final seconds of the spot. But there’s something about that runway noise we can all relate to. It evokes a sense of excitement and adventure that surrounds traveling. The spot takes the focus off of the flight and onto the destination. It’s a nice shift, given most airlines tend to talk about service and accommodations. It’s simple, creative, and vibrant. Plus, we all know that those gourmet pretzel snacks aren’t actually gourmet, so why talk about them anyway?


In honor of International Women’s Day, the Freeform channel bleeped out any time a female said "sorry" in a show. Pretty powerful, right?.