The Swirl: March 6, 2017

It's officially our favorite month of the year. It's a sign that spring is near, but even better, it's the only month that also serves as a verb. Or CTA in marketing lingo. Get it? March forth with this edition: the hangry scaries, a new social initiative, and ultimate ad competition.


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For those who get hangry...

SwirlNotes: Snickers understands that hangry is a real thing. Their latest spots feature professionals in various industries making yuugge mistakes when they get hungry. Not cool, but what can you do? That's what Snickers is for.


In case you missed it, Snickers took a slightly different approach than we're used to with their live Super Bowl ad. Turns out it wasn't really a hit, and it looks like Snickers listened. These new ads bring us back to the territory we're familiar with when it comes to Snickers. And they're as great as ever. Sometimes it's best not to mess with a good thing. It works for Snickers, and these spots never get old. Shout out to Snickers for listening to what consumers had to say and reacting in a way that we think we'll get them back on the right track.

For those who 'do it for the Insta'...


SwirlNotes: We've all been there – making everyone wait to eat so you can get the perfect brunch pic. And then dressing it up with a fancy filter before sharing with 500 of your closest friends. This is what Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying charity refers to as an "Insta Lie." AKA portraying a false representation of real life on social media. Their most recent partnership with features this video that sums up the phenomenon of Insta Lies and helps viewers realize that we're not all as perfect as we seem. The main message? Stop lying and be yourself.


As advertisers and social media gurus, it's our job to strategize, write, design and monitor social media posts. To some extent you could argue that if we don't have a working knowledge of these platforms – we aren't keeping up with the latest trends, and are thus not able to fulfill our client's needs the best we can. So let's take a step back and evaluate what message we are really portraying. Is it a valid representation of our real life? If not – what affect is it having on our followers? With each post, we are seemingly sharing a bit of ourselves. While we think it's always pulling us closer to our followers, our Insta Lies could actually be pushing us from the opportunity to have real relationships. Read the Brandwatch key takeaways from this campaign here, then share the video with friends and family to help #DitchTheLabel and avoid cyber bullying on social media.

For the aspiring Oscar winners...

SwirlNotes: You might start to look in places you normally wouldn't for your inspiration. WalMart tapped four Hollywood directors to create three award-winning films with nothing more than a six-item receipt: bananas, paper towels, batteries, a scooter, wrapping paper and a video baby monitor. A compilation is embedded, but go ahead and check out the full films by Antoine Fuqua, Marc Forster, and Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. We've got our favorite, but we'd like you to be the judge.


This type of creative competition is a first for the big box retailer, and a departure from the "rollback" smiley face. These design films are proof that the brand's starting to break away from their traditional audience base, all without touting the brand too heavy-handedly. By tapping renowned directors, Walmart increased their reach and ultimately elevated their brand image in an artistic and creative way. While it's definitely different, the jury's still out on whether or not this experiment "worked." No matter what, we give kudos to Walmart for thinking outside the box, and proving that something great can be born from something plain and seemingly ordinary.


Podcasts are going to be a big deal this year. Here's your chance to explore a new advertising channel.