The Swirl: February 27, 2017

If being pretty, festive and delicious weren’t enough… if you score the baby in your slice, you’ve got luck and prosperity coming your way this year. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too. For the Charlotte locals, you’ve got until March 4th to check out the $16 treat at Suarez Bakery. Mardi yas. For the rest of you, the Swirl will have to be sweet enough. In this edition: the power of car tech, Oscar debuts, and a fun mashup.


America Saves Week (n.) - an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status. Here’s your chance to set up that 401k. Or just cut back on that extra ‘going out’ meal.

For anyone who's ever been in an accident...

SwirlNotes: This might hit a little close to home. Subaru’s new spot takes one couple back in time to the moment before their car accident, and uses that “rewind” opportunity to pitch their Impreza’s newest auto-stop technology: EyeSight. Because life comes at you fast.


The brand is historically known for touting the “love” and using their ads to depict life’s most precious moments in and around a Subaru. Think going to college and growing older. Cue the sappy feels. However, this ad takes a different approach on a precious moment: the one between safety and collision. The shock factor is equally as captivating, and adds even more credibility to their new safety feature and dedication to technology and innovation. To shake the chills, we highly recommend watching the other spot on air for this campaign. Spoiler: it entails a cute, little blonde boy and his adorable dog.

For those who share the love...

SwirlNotes: Hyatt made their Oscars debut last night. And for a brand that has never had an Oscars campaign, they definitely caught people’s attention by making their thirty seconds less of an entertainment show and more of a social statement. Timely, given the political environment this year.


We’ve seen the good and bad when it comes to political ads, but Hyatt is keeping it light and simple. Their main message, “what the world needs now is love,” is particularly relevant this year, no matter where you’re from or party you side with. They’ve turned negativity into something positive and given us all a friendly reminder that we have more in common than we think. Sometimes it’s the small gestures that bring us together. Well done Hyatt. If you haven’t noticed already, these political notions are a huge theme of the year. TBD on who crushes it and who falls short.

For those who love getting songs stuck in their head...


SwirlNotes: During the Grammys a couple of weeks ago, Target came out with a 3-minute music video/commercial hybrid that was just as much fun as it was infectious. This video featured the hyper-relevant rapper Lil Yachty (you might know him most recently from asking you to drink Sprite) and the used-to-be relevant Carly Rae Jepsen remixing the classic rap jam “It Takes Two.”


Target obviously committed a huge amount of money to produce the spot. Between the media buy (3 minutes on Grammy night!), the celeb power, and the choreography, I think we can all appreciate the grandiose nature of the spot. This ad builds off of the Target ads you’re used to seeing - but puts a new, fresh spin on it by taking the customer through the store experience while a music video is being produced. And with over 4 million views on YouTube, a song on Spotify, and enough fun to go around - I’d say Target was successful in showcasing their brand spirit AND helping promote a great song. So maybe to make a great commercial, sometimes it takes… three?


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