The Swirl: February 19, 2017

This is a HUGE week for the Swirl. It’s the 100th edition, and we can’t believe how far we’ve come. Thanks to all of our loyal followers who have encouraged us along the way. Let the celebrations begin! Cake anyone?? In this edition: the newest stuffed animal, expressing love, and yogurt with a purpose.


Sweethearts (n) - those conversation hearts we’re all familiar with, but don’t actually know what they’re called. They might taste like chalk, but they just swooped in as 2018’s most popular Valentine’s Day treat. So long boxes of chocolate.

For the kids who need some comforting...

SwirlNotes: Aflac just took technology to a new level. In their efforts to stand up to childhood cancer, they’ve introduced a Special Aflac Duck that leverages robotics to give kids with cancer the chance to find joy with play. It not only comforts and distracts them during treatment, but lets them treat their duck similarly through interactive features.


Everyone knows the Aflac duck, but this brand icon now has a new meaning. After 18 months of development, the Special Aflac Duck is ready for its debut. We love how dedicated the brand is to supporting childhood cancer efforts. Their commitment to the cause started 20 years ago, and they’ve raised $120 million since. This is just another way they’re hoping to expand their efforts, and we couldn’t be more touched. Talk about a great way to use technology. You can follow the journey here.

For those looking for the perfect card...

SwirlNotes: In honor of Valentine’s Day last week, American Greetings released the third spot of its new campaign, “Give Meaning.” The card company wants you to know that greeting cards are often the best way to express love. Because sometimes it’s easier to put it in writing than it is to say it out loud.


Greeting cards have been struggling to keep up with the digital age, where e-cards have become increasingly popular. But do e-cards really have the same feeling as the real deal? This spot reminds us why greeting cards are so special, and that they have meaning beyond Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s your family, friends, or partner, there are many ways we can express love throughout the year. And there’s nothing quite like when you find the perfect way to put feelings into writing. They say that good communication is critical to a healthy relationship, so maybe buy that extra card and share the love this year.

For anyone looking for another reason to celebrate...

SwirlNotes: Chobani is celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving away free yogurt (via coupon) as a thanks to people of America for making it the top-selling yogurt brand. The best part? When users redeem their coupon, they will plant virtual “seeds” that will bloom into a digital fruit tree. Yogurt, meets art, meets feel good.


Chobani isn’t just stopping with a thank you and their version of The Giving Tree. On top of all of that, the yogurt brand has pledged that for every seed that’s virtually planted, a yogurt donation will be sent to No Kid Hungry, an organization that works to ensure every child has access to healthy food. Shel Silverstein would be proud. As the category leader, the brand wanted to create a campaign that pushed them further apart from the pack, and feels like a natural progression from the rebrand they launched in November. The brand’s chief creative officer is determined to create positive change for the food industry and society at large by taking large strides toward universal wellness. Yog for the win.


The average length of a novel is about 240 pages, and our Swirl doc is currently sitting at 256. Does that mean we could turn our first 100 editions into a book? Open to any thoughts here.