The Swirl: February 12, 2017

With the Super Bowl and now the Olympics, NBC and the Swirl have seen a lot of advertising action over the past week and a half. So for the winter Olympian in all of us, we’re doing back-to-back themed editions. Sorry not sorry. In that spirit, have you ever wondered where the Olympic Anthem came from? You know the one. The tune has a name and its called “Bugler’s Dream,” and was composed by Leo Arnaud, and wasn’t originally written for the Olympics. In 1958, Leo sat down to write “The Charge Suite,” from which the song was born, and it wasn’t until 10 years later that ABC used it for their 1968 coverage of the Winter Olympics. Another fun fact: Leo and his wife actually retired in the wonderful state of North Carolina. How bow dah?


Pyeongchang (n.) - host city for this year’s Winter Olympics, and pronounced peeyoung-chang. Say that five times fast.

For anyone who is tired of divisive news headlines...

SwirlNotes:DICK’s Sporting Goods has a new message for you. Spoiler: it involves sports and coming together as a team. Timely? Check. Relevant. Double check.


In a time where our country, and truthfully the world, seem to be at odds, this spot was created to shine a spotlight on one of the few things that make people better: sports. Pride and spirit go hand in hand with the Olympics and what the event stands for, and the timing provides the perfect platform for a message like this one from the sporting goods retailer. The Olympics are one of the few live, mass audience sports events, so as both men and women gather to cheer on these amazing athletes, the brand hopes they can put aside their differences and come together not just for the 17 days every few years, but always. Go Team USA.

For the average athletes...

SwirlNotes:Or less than average. No matter what level athlete you are, Planet Fitness has a place for you. According to them, “you don’t have to be a world class athlete to celebrate like one.” We’ll take that.


One of the main reasons consumers don’t sign up for gyms is because they’re worried they will be judged. This spot embraces that fear, and demonstrates how their gyms are nothing to be afraid of. Whether your bound for the Olympics or picking up a weight for the first time, Planet Fitness wants people to know that all are welcome. They use their unique personality to position themselves as a brand that’s inclusive and affordable. Good timing, given millions of people will tune into the Games and potentially feel inspired to work on their inner athlete.

For the trainees...

SwirlNotes: Toyota wants you to know that when you get knocked down, all you have to do is get back up again. Their 2018 Olympics spot, “Thin Ice,” beautifully illustrates the struggles of training and the failures that often come along with it. #inspired.


If you didn’t recognize her, the ad features figure skater Ashley Wagner. AKA the Olympic hopeful who narrowly missed a spot on the U.S. team this year. But despite the missed opportunity, Toyota decided to keep her on board for one of their seven (yes, seven) spots this year. We love how the brand turned the disappointing story into quite the inspiration, and how they made it particularly relevant to her story. She’ll also be at the Games serving as a brand ambassador for the company. Way to be agile, Toyota. While they probably had different spot in mind originally, this one might just turn out better for them.


Last week, we gave Febreze our Swirl for best ad of the night. However, after all the ads were aired, we have a slight correction to make. The best Super Bowl ad was not one ad at all. It was every ad, because every ad was a Tide ad.